vnv vs. BEMEAN!
2008/07/10 00:27:40
long time no clan blog, huh? i was bored so i decided to write this piece.
today we had our first match in this seasons clanbase ut 2004 tam 4on4 hosted cup vs BEMEAN! and even though ***VERY OFFENSIVE CONTENT CENSORED*** we won this match in two maps. hurray.

match link


Posted: 2008/07/10 - 01:01

sarge didnt play for a year? seen him play a week ago :p, anyway wp

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 02:31

was a weird game tbh....first map was interesting, we started off terribly, but came back and if it wasnt for jahngs ping issues probably could have won. Second map jahng had to stop coz of ping issues again (and there was a strange incident of a restart) so we got another guy who hadnt played with us before to join. Didnt go to well and wasnt that enjoyable ;p

but yeh gg

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 09:04

ye pulse, ppl love to fake the oldschool skill0rs ;)

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 09:30

those "we won although we didnt prac at all" comments are annoying

you won so wheres the point in saying we won although we didnt prac, used ts, pld serious?

this is a bit of respectless imo, whoever BEMEAN might actually be

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 10:21

agree with guestwhore. and wasnt it you doin prac's vs HFD last week? ;>

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 10:25

ownage incoming

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 12:31

i don't like to say that stuff either tbh, i guess zech is just happy because it came unexpected.
and yeah we played HFD last week but we never played with sarge and stoffi. i don't even know if it's true that sarge didn't play for a year :D

btw: there should be more clanblogs!

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 12:35

well its disrespectful to the team you played especially when theres no need for it. you won, congrats, leave it at that :)

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 13:17

i agree, saying we won without train isnt ok.

i guess zech (again) is just on a tipping spree (check the last 100 news on un,.com, guess whom them from).

@zech: NVM WE WON ;) gj!

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 14:01

disrespectful? why? it is a fact. this has nothing to do with "OLOLOL THEY ARE SO NOOBISH THEY EVEN CANT WIN VERSUS US!!". I just wanted to have more lines so this blog doesnt look too small. How come you think that it was supposed to make BEMEAN look like amateurs? In fact, i was quite afraid before the match that they will kick our ass big time. I cant see any disrespectful words in this blog and i think that saying it is disrespectful when you use mentionable side notes is quite lurid.

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 14:27

that was the expected ownage

Posted: 2008/07/10 - 23:17

just stfu and play the damn game

Posted: 2008/07/15 - 00:19

Well, our clan is very "on teh fly", Im also part of beMean and we were supposed to play wtih rMx and me aswell, but life decided that we had some troubles on that night and the result is having people who never played together play an offi..
also if you check screens we had some major pinglag.

anyway gg :\ lol

Posted: 2008/12/16 - 07:38

i just read this out of boredness in the morning..... first i read the comments. I didnt see it was tam.... all this whining was useless cause its tam. its the lowskilled half/warmup crap. only wayne cares!

Posted: 2009/07/13 - 01:32


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