UT2004Community youtube channel information and how to record your own UT2004 footage
2012/12/10 00:38:01 DSK

Updated 16/01/2014 [140 hours 67 minutes+ worth of UT2004 videos ]

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to do this for a while now but to be perfectly honest I have been daunted by it because of just how many videos the youtube channel now has (as of this exact moment in time, 1,178 videos, 130 playlists and rising).

Oh and in case you do not know what I am talking about - at roughly this time last year I set up a youtube channel called UT2004Community for a number of reasons:

# To serve as an epitaph for UT2004, its competitive highlights and those of the competitive community.

# To serve as a UT2004 demo/video warehouse of sorts so that demos can be watched without the hassle of downloading many packages and cache files.

# To help players by providing countless demos of players and maps of competitive gametypes.

The chances are that the only reason that is viable at the moment is probably the first, as the game may never draw new players into it is fold and the game will eventually take its place in the bargain bin of shadows.

At any rate, I thought it might be a good idea to provide an inventory post of the channel in case people do not know about it or they cannot find the packages for playing a certain demo.

Thank you for your continuing support and much love from me.


UT2004Community channel playlists

1v1 Deathmatch

1v1 Deathmatch games by map


Rankin videos here


Ironic videos here


Roughinery videos here


Lea videos here


Aerowalk videos here


Incuvasion videos here

Double Damage enabled 1v1s

Double damage enabled videos here


1v1 Deathmatch Competitions

ClanBase Eurocup XIII 2006 Groupstage

Clanbase Eurocup XIII groupstage videos

ClanBase Eurocup XIII 2006 Playoffs

Clanbase Eurocup XIII playoffs videos

ClanBase Eurocup XVI 2007

Clanbase Eurocup XVI videos

ESL UTCL Seasons 1 (2004) & 2 (2005)

ESL UTCL 2004 & 2005 videos

European Sports World Cup 2004

ESWC 2005 videos

European Sports World Cup 2005

ESWC 2005 videos

Gamezone Desingel 2006

Gamezone Desingel 2006 videos

Giga Liga 2005 - Ladder

Giga Liga ladder videos

Giga Liga 2005 - Playoffs

Giga Liga playoff videos

Global Gaming League Pre-Season 2004

GGL Pre-Season videos

Global Gaming League Season 1 2004

GGL Season 1 videos

Global Gaming League Digital Life LAN Qualifiers 2005

GGL Digital Life Qualifier videos

HQ Masters 2005

HQ masters videos

inUnreal 2004 cup

inUnreal 2004 cup videos

inUnreal 2005 cup

inUnreal 2005 cup videos

inUnreal 2007 cup

inUnreal 2007 cup videos

iT Man or Mouse Cup 2006 - Groupstage

iT Man or Mouse groupstage videos

iT Man or Mouse Cup 2006 - Playoffs

iT Man or Mouse playoff videos

Jee4me 2011

Jee4me 2011 videos

junk52 Cup 2007

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Proving Grounds 2004

Proving Grounds 2004 videos

rmzs Invite 3 2005

rmzs Invite 3 videos

UnrealNorth Aerowalk Cup 2007 - Lower Brackets

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UnrealNorth Aerowalk Cup 2007 - Upper Brackets

Aerowalk cup upper bracket videos

UnrealNorth Custom Map Cup

UnrealNorth custom map cup videos

Million Man Lan 3

Million Man Lan 3 videos

Various North American DM matches

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Various European DM matches

Various European 1v1 videos

World Cyber Games 2004

World Cyber Games 2004 videos

World Cyber Games 2005 - Samsung Euro Cup

World Cyber Games 2005 - SEC videos


1v1 Deathmatch games by POV

astz POV

astz videos

becso POV

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Burnie POV

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Chip.masK POV

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CombatCarl POV

CombatCarl videos

Crunsh / kransch POV

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daddy POV

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dawgpound POV

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devilmc POV

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Donnie POV

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d3ity POV

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ecko POV

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Falcon POV

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Forrest POV

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Frantic POV

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GiMiX videos

GitzZz POV

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HateBreed POV

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Hypno POV

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h&nn! POV

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Akbal videos


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Various North American CTF matches

American CTF videos


3v3 Capture the Flag Competitions

Unrealness CTF 3v3 Ternion

Unrealness Ternion CTF videos

Creating your own UT2004 footage

As quite a few people have asked me to upload some of their demos as well as ask as to how to do it themselves, I have taken the liberty of creating a basic guide to record and compress footage from UT2004 using Fraps.

You download it here: Download

Now, as for suggested UT2004 settings for recording with Fraps it really depends on what hardware you are using. I use my laptop to record and process the demos so I have to make allowances peformance wise.

Also, please keep in mind that if you are just starting off a youtube channel you will only be allowed to record up to 15 minutes of footage - and there are file size limits too.

Halving recorded footage is not shown in the guide, but my way of doing it is to use Fraps and utilise the "set selection start" function in the middle of the video and then "set selection end" at the very end of it. Then, I "cut" the footage away and then save the remaing footage as Part 1. Then, I select the Part 1 footage, "Delete" it and then paste the cut footage and then save that as Part 2. Job done!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me on IRC. I am on most channels.

Much love


Posted: 2012/12/11 - 18:12

I love you for doing this! Keep it up, I've already seen at least 30% of your videos :)
I'd love to record some footage for you, but my computer is a real piece of sheeeet. Maybe I can do it on Sulaco's computer, I'll see :)

Posted: 2012/12/29 - 13:16

well done :)

Posted: 2013/01/14 - 10:36

sick work dsk :) great job really.. this should be majored/news.

Posted: 2013/01/15 - 19:56

hypno wrote:
sick work dsk :) great job really.. this should be majored/news.

Posted: 2013/01/17 - 18:05

Geat job Sir!

Posted: 2013/01/30 - 16:09

Thank you all for your continuing support :D

Posted: 2013/03/04 - 12:13

wow, this is really good...appreciated.

btw, does anyone have the link to the inis of all the wcg2004 participants? that way when i hit 15% lg i can go load chip's ini and hit 25 for one game

Posted: 2013/03/05 - 00:45

Here you are buri

Various UT2004 player configs

Posted: 2013/03/05 - 00:54

buri: you just need to add the attribute luck in your ini it sorted

Posted: 2013/03/05 - 11:34

ahah :D

thanks DSK, you're the man

Posted: 2013/03/13 - 03:16

awesome job dsk. i often watch old videos on this UT2004Community channel i didnt know you made it happen :)


i wish i had more demos to upload. i used to have them but so many crashes made them vanish :(

Posted: 2013/04/05 - 00:24

These are great and bring back memories! Wish this was still as active. Had such good fun with this game!

Posted: 2013/06/12 - 11:10

So...the channel has now reached over 1000 videos and I will now slowly but surely gear down the process of uploading videos. I still have a massive backlog of stuff to upload, including the Jeesports 1v1 cup and an old school TDM Clanbase cup as well as *finally* finishing the upper bracket Aerowalk playlist.

Posted: 2013/06/24 - 12:39

DuFFers bring back [_]!!
CTF & TAM dominance, 2013!

Posted: 2013/10/14 - 17:27

DSK, how about uploading the .pdf for demo making since it's been deleted. I'd like to add some demos that I've collected during the years.

Posted: 2013/10/15 - 20:29

Okies, will upload tonight.


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