Interview with zanmato !

I've seen quite many people wondering who this zanmat0 is. So I decided to interview him.

Hiya, is there by any chance that a guy like yourself have time for an interview for UnrealNorth?

Could you tell the readers who you are? Many people are wondering who you are. Please enlighten us with everything! In terms of gaming, clans etc and when you're not gaming.
well I'm a 20yr old swedish guy named Andreas, currently I work with web development (boriiiing) in malmö! I started out with UT when it was released, mainly playing insta with my elite modem. Back then with the nick predator.
After like 2 years of ffa with 300 ping on UK servers, I joined a famous swedish clan called TGib. From there on I played iCTF with them for 3 years or something until I joined the rival clan Vikings. There I played iCTF again along with iDOM and iTDM etc.. I also started playing some nw ctf for fun with ezekiel for like 2 seasons. After a while I left ez and joined 7sins for nw ctf instead. After playing EC with them I had a small break (trying to quit UT :P) but it didn't work out and I started playing UT2k4 with royal(sas). But the guys in royal didn't like it too much so the clan didn't survive for very long.. so after a while I started playing some UT again with the royal insta team until they managed to get deleted on CB.
After that my IRL mate k2 convinced me to start playing some iDOM again with his clan SbD, which I did. But not for very long. blalbabla. I change nick to zanmato and started playing nw ctf on ffa until I joined scythe, then I joined daze and eventually Whiners & sanctuary. Which lead me to UT3 with Whiners! And somewhere inbetween all that I played in the Swedish insta NC team a lot of times and also some ut2k3 :P

I see that you're a UT99 player, but now you've moved on to UT3, what are your thoughts about it really?
Actually I liked both 2k3 and 2k4 but it was a shame most people didn't feel the same way as they were quite dead. Then my answer is quite obvious I guess, YES I LIKE IT. The only thing that bothers me is that epic didn't put in their tcp&udplink classes in their new version of the Unreal engine, making reporterbots and UTV impossible :( But I hope that will change in a later patch. Currently I only play TDM and 1on1, contrary to my old "carreer" where I played iCTF, iDOM, iTDM, CTF, 1on1, TDM and DOM :P

I also know that you play in the Swedish NationCup team. How do you think you guys will do there? What countries do you think you'll have to look out for? Kinda obvious answer but..any underdogs maybe?
(And what do you think about the groups?)
I think we have a really great lineup even without the guys having played the tryouts yet (there are some great players there aswell!), so it can only get better. But I have a hard time seeing us being stopped when the lineup features the legendary znatch, smi who's always performing really well and Nagge whom always seem to play great and smart in TDM from what I've seen so far. Then ofcourse I'm in the mix aswell! We have to look out for the top seeds, germany nl uk. As for the underdogs I think Finland and Poland are not to be underestimated.
In my opinion group 2 is the hardest one, ours the weakest and A & C pretty balanced.

What did you think of enemydown's decision to pick iCTF as teamgame instead of TDM, were you and your clan disappointed?
Having played iCTF at a high level aswell as TDM, I can't really say which one is more skilled/better etc. mainly because they are so different and reward different type of skills.
My clan was quite disappointed, especially seeing all the "pro" nw clans switching to iCTF right away just for the money, which means a lot less "highskilled" (I hate to use that) pracs in TDM for us. Now I can only hope some clan like SR shows them var skåpet ska stå :p

How is your FPS in UT3? And what are your computer specs?
My fps is fine, I have it locked at 70 atm. and to my knowledge it has never really dropped below that, even when I run it at the highest quality @ full hd it doesn't drop below 60fps(have to vsync it:(). I have a c2d e6600 2.4ghz @ 3.3ghz, 2gb ram along with a 8800 GTS 640mb graphicscard.

Alright, some quickies!

1on1 or TDM?

Insta or Normal Weapons?
hm, NW :p

Clanbase or ESL?
ESL now, clanbase "back then"

I bet you said ESL just coz you guys won the latest cup? ;)
maybe!! (I'm waiting to get that UT3 shirt I won in the 2on2 cup1!) Nah but Clanbase is holding on to their policy which is to run events at certain dates. IMO there should've been quickcups like ESL has at the release, now it has just been an endless idle with pracs and stuff. And now even with the NC, all players can't play it and I think that sucks for the community :/ (BTW WE WON 2 CUPS @ ESL !!)

Skåne or Stockholm?

Favorite map?

Favorite player?

Who is LeXXi?
The star and Tactics leader in Whiners!

Favorite weapon?

Favorite interviewer? ;´)

Haha, you remember my old nick :D

and...the last but yet so good question: Blonde or brunette?
Blonde, my girlfriend is blonde!!!!

Ok, Thanks alot for the interview, any shoutouts, heres your chance!
A big shoutout to my clan whiners along with some wise words by LeXXi - "yous you will some time when you dig geht hair" and thx for the interview luxxarnrn :O

Find zanmato in #-w-
Groups announcement of NC


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Posted: 2008/01/11 - 01:51


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Posted: 2008/01/11 - 02:07

you both are retards

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 02:30

Nice interview :)

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 03:18

yay san!, nice interview :>

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 05:52

zaaaaaaaaaaaaaan mat0000000000000000000000000000
hi zan :)

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 06:49

:)) gj cybarfr34k

He Who Must Not Be Named
Posted: 2008/01/11 - 10:16

good interview ;]

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 10:50

great reading, thnx

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 15:09


Posted: 2008/01/11 - 15:14

it GG!

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 16:18

zpätö! o/

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 16:33


Posted: 2008/01/11 - 20:17

Nice interview. Was interresting to hear who he was.

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 21:20

.. who he is tbh.

Posted: 2008/01/11 - 23:47

zanmato, where did you do your military service?

Posted: 2008/01/12 - 00:13


Posted: 2008/01/12 - 17:17

zanmat0: I had a friend who did his military service in LV6 as "Bevakningsgrppbefäl". You didn't serve as that I guess?

Posted: 2008/01/14 - 22:26

gj zanbAmAto YEY

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