UT 2004: A Review by mAgix
(UT 2004: A Review by mAgix - The Author)

The Author:
Name: Sebastian "mAgix" Sansalone
Age: 23
Nationality: German
Current Clan: vnv
Clan History: Ocrana, shuuk, 3wD, aoc, vnv
Playing UT since: UT 99

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Posted: 2007/11/05 - 23:12

nice impressions!

Posted: 2007/11/05 - 23:12

Wow! Great read! Thanks for putting the time into writing that mAgix and cheers to zech for putting it up etc

Posted: 2007/11/05 - 23:37

Nice read.

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 01:24

Come on, your french wasn't that bad.... j/k... it was terrible !

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 02:26

Great read !

And yeah, ctan's magic tricks are amazing ! o_O

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 03:08


Posted: 2007/11/06 - 04:23

nice read! Its a shame soo many ppl play WoW tho. I dont even want to think about how many great players wasting their talent on that game...
Its a very relaxing, fun/boring and time consuming game, but the challenge. Seem very hard to differ player from player, style from style, except what level they have and what gear they got. They must all throw it in the binary and return to their repr. UT/Quake/CS!

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 07:32

World of Warcraft is a drug :S

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 07:40

"It was quite fun watching hypno stealing mousepads"
wasnt it Lauke doing that? or is this a different time

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 09:27

It was Lauke. I dont remember meeting you at ESWC 2005, which is a shame :(

This is a nice article though and reminds me of the many lans I spent with UT2004 players over the years. It has prompted me to think about writing something about the many lans I attended with you guys and perhaps time to reveal a few things about what REALLY went on at Digital Life in 2005!

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 10:59

i wouldnt mind reading that:D nice article magix.

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 12:55

very nice =D

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 13:12

ESWC was the best event I haver attended, plus the pre-bootcamp we had, hope something like that is going to be repeated in UT3, see you guys! Maybe in San Francisco ;)

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 16:49

Hahaha. Very nice. ty

Posted: 2007/11/06 - 22:16

well lauke stole one mousepad, hypno showed off his 20 mousepads later in some kind of fastfood restaurant :D cant remember who hid DevilMCs backpack anymore though :D
and redeye i remember you, especially how upset you were after the bus incident in london.
th0r^, im going to practice my french IF you tell the ESWC to stay in paris :p

if any of you guys will pay the WCG08 a visit, tell me :D

Posted: 2007/11/07 - 03:34

actually lauke stole mousepads from the x-ray booth for fun, and zulg & carmac got it on tape for some site, but it never got released. lauke just went up and down, and took everything from that booth, and when the guys found out ... never forget the look on rauls face:D Hypno took home like 20 of those clothpads which were given stock next to the compo pc's. I asked him for one single one, and he wouldnt give me coz he explained the portugese players are poor, and he is gonna sell them under the store price :D Noone knows i took home 3 thunder9's :D
nice read magix :)

Posted: 2007/11/14 - 08:25

lol varagh, ur a thief!

nice to see u around magix :)

Posted: 2007/12/08 - 17:54

Varagh I thought hypno stole all the sponsored mousepads (well we were kind of allowed to take them I think) lol. That Lauke thing was separate.

Hey magix nice article :D

Posted: 2008/03/13 - 23:06

I enjoyed reading it, very nice :D
I think I played in a clan with u back in UT2k3, is it possible you were in eForce, an iCTF clan..?

Posted: 2008/06/26 - 22:51

LOL how fast!

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