Interview with smi !
(The interview.)

>I decided to sit down with smi and ask him various stuff!

luxxiz: Hello, would a ut2004-legend like yourself have time for a little interview for unrealnorth? :)
smi: Hello and yes I do have time:)

And the most asked question of all times in an interview: Could you tell us abit about yourself if someone might not know you? What you've been doing lately in terms of gaming and what you do when you're not gaming etc.
I'm a 24 year old guy named Marcus Karppi living in Stockholm and I have played alot of UT2k3/2k4 in various clans, such as benighted, viruz, dsky, e*star, vafan and many other. I quit playing UT2k4 about 1-2 years ago and after that I went onto trying Q4 but that wasn't my cup of tea out of the box so I quit after a couple months and played some Q3 and WoW for fun. Outside of gaming you will find me watching some movies or talking about some random stuff.

I know for a fact that you've downloaded UT3 Demo, what are your thoughts about it? And don't be like those esreality dudes! ;]
I think it's fun even though I miss the dodgejump and LG. The fact that the shieldgun and grenades were removed makes me really happy.I think they did a really big mistake with the maps since both DM maps suck pretty bad but im hoping for some good ones like we had in 2k3/2k4.

How is your FPS in UT3? And what are your computer specs?
Using a well overclocked E4300 and 8800gts gives me decent fps, not stable 100+ or anything but it's alright.

Can you see UT3 being competitive and getting picked up by the big leagues?
I don't see why not and why the leagues wouldn't choose UT3 if they do want a deathmatch FPS. All I really need to say is PC FPS > console FPS big time:P


Would you consider be playing in them?
I would like that alot. I've always been more of a TDM player than 1on1 but I would be ok with any of those modes.

What would be the best scenario for UT3 in your eyes(in competitive way)?
All HALO leagues for UT3 TDM instead;D

Do you have any plans regarding clans? Vafan planning to come back? Or you're just gonna sit back and wait for offers?
I can't speak for all the vafan guys but right now I don't see myself playing there, but you never know what will happen. Other than that I will probably sit back and see how things unfold when the game is released.

Alright, now some quickies!

Stinger or Linkgun?
Stinger is strong and I would choose to use that but the new link feels really sweet.

Shock or Sniper?
Shock so far, haven't really tried the sniper so much, feels quite bad but I do hit alot of headshots:D

DarkWalker or Enforcer? :D
I used darkwalker on a 24 player tdm server and got about 35 frags in a blink of an eye, totally sick but it's still only a joke to me. Please no giant robots:I

1on1 or TDM?
TDM usually gives you the best memories so that's alot of love but it can be flawed too, eventually the team will break at the weakest link.

Favorite movie?
Like alot of movies but Princess Mononoke is one of those that stand out the most. Then there's HACKERS and stuff that are totally awesome too;)

Favorite player?
Cata, to me he was much more than a player but the player part of him was what I had been looking for a long time, I remember telling him the first time we were talking and "sparring" ingame that it was a good thing that we met.

Favorite interviewer :-)?
Favorite interviewer must be that guy... from back then.. you know... no just kidding, ofc it's

and...Blond or brunette?
I like them all!

Ok, I think that was everything, any shoutouts? Flaming? you name it.
Thanks for the interview, UNREALNORTH still going strong. High fives to almost everyone out there ! Especially Catas family and friends plus the VAFAN crew. Good luck to everyone that will be playing UT3, hope to see alot of new faces too! Also thanks to everyone for reading this #^_^#

Find smi in
smi's UT2004 inis
Will update this with his UT3 inis when the game ships.


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Posted: 2007/10/17 - 18:36

Nice interview, good job.

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 18:37

nice interview with a pwny guy! thumbs up beavers

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 18:44


Posted: 2007/10/17 - 18:44

lol a "ut2004 legend"

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 19:00

nice interview and gl to smi in UT3.

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 19:47

really nice interview

well done both =D

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 19:53

rip cata

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 19:55

hallu: he's atleast a scandinavian legend, maybe not all over europe, but I think most scandis remember how good he was. If you have nothing to contribute with other than bad vibes, then don't post, you're just getting on everyones nerves.

On topic: keep the interviews coming luxxiz! ;)

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 20:24

is it just me or is that me on that picture?

yatteblatte o smittan are the same :/

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 20:25


Looks like yat, must've been a fakenicking yat :D

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 22:05

good work lux and smi. keep em coming :)

Posted: 2007/10/17 - 23:10

Nice interview.

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 06:42

Hallu are you black ? :(

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 07:45

Nice iview.

Btw, I don't see why you even bother commenting hallu.

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 08:04

\o smi o/

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 10:04

nice interview guys. :)

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 10:39

never heard about smi who is he ? :))
/me gonna read

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 11:28

"I used darkwalker on a 24 player tdm server and got about 35 frags in a blink of an eye, totally sick but it's still only a joke to me. Please no giant robots:I"

Hahaha! I was in that game XD. Pretty insane.

The one thing I do like about the dark walker is that it drops amp+berzerkers(sometimes only amp? I dunno) which means that ppl will try to kill it to get the power ups.. Can be fun on pubs, though the guy who gets the walker the most will probably win. Of course it's not good for serious play :).

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 11:39

n1 =)

Posted: 2007/10/18 - 12:07

amp+juggernaut+link is my best combination. :D Btw nice interview it's always good to read about/from famous UT players. We want more. Thx luxxiz and smi.

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