Interview with sebo!
(Interview with sebo!)

>I did promise another interview and here it is! This time with sebo.
And credz to sebo for the long answers.

luxxiz: For the people who doesn't know you, tell us who you are.
sebo: Hello folks o/! My name is Sebastian Grosch, also known as SeBoNaToR or sebo. I`m 18 years old and im currently doing my Abitur on a Gymansium (High school) in Cologne.

Tell us abit about your gaming career and what's your best achievements?
Well I`ve quite a lot to tell about throughout my whole gaming career, trying to make it not too long :). I started playing UT almost 6 years ago, I think it was in October 2001. I loved the game from the first minute and got totally addicted. I was playing with a 56k modem the first 6 month but soon I had ISDN, so I had a chance to compete as a more or less good player. As soon as I had a decent ping I started playing Instagib. So I played 3 years iCTF/iTDM ut99 in several clans (though i stayed in LeM for like 2 years) and had a great time and some minor achievements. When UT2004 came out, I gave the demo a chance and I found that it was a great game. Since I was bored of ut1, I started with the new one and I soon found a clan: )oct)o(pus(. It was a new clan, so I helped building it up. We became quite successful in instagib, but after we won the CB iTDM Cup 2nd division, my instagib mates lost their motivation and so I went to xS, where I continued playing instagib (and later TAM). On the same time I started to play TDM (normal weapons in general) and build up the OctopuS TDM Squad. So far I had a great time with gaming. The members of xS and oct have almost become a little family of mine, because we`ve gone through many ups and downs together. My biggest achievents? hmmmm... 3 times CB TAM 1st division winner in a row... CB TDM 1st division winner, ESL TDM Premiership 2nd place... Many 2nd and 3rd place in random CB iTDM cups, The Summit LAN 3rd Place TDM, 3rd place UnrealNorth 2on2 TDM cup, member of Team Germany TAM & iTDM! thats it so far :)

You've made it to the playoffs in the Clanbase OpenCup TDM cup. - What's your top3 prediction and why?
Thats quite a hard question, because the teams that have gone through so far are really equally skilled. I see both, xTp and Betthupferl as a big favourite. xTp because they are probably the most active TDM team atm (with zeD, whose in a great shape) and Betthupferl, because they just have a good lineup and they always perform well. I don`t know whether divine or sas will go through in Group B, but both teams are some forces to be recognized. BVA seems to be back aswell and they are fucking hot. Imo they could beat anyone, if they have a good day. So imo we can expect a really close fight between all those teams. I predict, that xTp, Betthupferl and we (oct) will fight it out for the podest ranks. Prove me wrong please :)

How does it feel to place 3rd in the UnrealNorth 2on2 cup, and what did you expect to place?
We did prepare very well for the cup with lots of 24/7 2on2 action (at least when we found an enemy) and I think I never was in such a good shape, so we had full motivation to make it to the top. It was a little shock for us when we got raped by pure in the first UB Playoff round, but we just didnt want to fly out of the cup so sadly. After that loss, we began to play very well imo, we won vs many cup favourites in some really intense games (especially intense, because it was LB). When it came to the final fight vs luxxiz and Freeman on that amazing 3rd map (Akbal), it was the biggest pain in the ass I ever felt in my life, when we lost in the really last second with 1 frag (after leading +10 when it was 5 mins remaining). We were just unlucky in my opinion, but lux & free played a great cup so they also deserved to be in the final. All in all it was probably the best cup I`ve played throughtout my whole UT career with amazing games and an awesome atmosphere. I`m satisfied with the 3rd place :)

What was your initial thought after losing the decider map in the LB Final with 1 frag? :))

I personally don't know the history of octopus, and I think people would be interested in it, mind telling it?
The history of OctopuS.... I think it started 3 years ago. deletereo created )oct)o(pus( as an instagib clan, together with PikachoO, triad, klunre, maze, and many other austrian dudes, who you`ll probably don`t know :p. I myself joined, when the clan was existing for like 2 month.
We had a little TDM squad, lead by PikachoO, but it never played really active (only some CB ladder games). Our main mode was iTDM in the beginning. We did quite well and soon we decided to start with iCTF aswell. Many people were joining and leaving, but after some time we had a really solid instagib team. But it wasnt only competition, what made us belong together. It was all the funny shit we did in the 3 years. We loved to play Rocketeer a lot (the best game mode ever), it was our passion.
We also had our own OctopuS event, which became quite famous within the instagib scene. It was the OctopuS instagib marathon.
The idea is to carry as many player as possible together, and play every instagib mode that exists, for the whole night. We did that 3-4 times, with like 10-20 players in one ts channel, who played iTDM, iCTF, iBR, iDDOM, really almost everything.
Some old UT2k4 instagib players might remember those nights. Moments like that made the time together with OctopuS just unique.
After our instagib players lost the motivation to continue, I concentrated on building up a TDM team. Again we had many players joining and leaving, but the core members, who never left the team withing 3 years, were kiddie, west and kiLLzA. After we started to become successful in TDMpro, it were players like NeTBuG, snikch (glibarr), Lazarus, w1Ld and pAsch, who helped us, to make OctopuS to what it is today. It`s my second family.

Tell us abit about your teammates.
west --> I think everyone, who knows him well, would say, he`s completely incapable in everything he does :D! Lowskilled ingame, lowskilled inbrain, but with a big heart! An OctopuS for life :)
kiLLzA --> A really crazy and funny guy, always making bad jokes in ts. Just nice to have him in company and to have him as teammate ingame. Skilled, friendly and small! (yes, he really is :p)
Lazarus --> One of the most skilled UT players ever imo, and a great personality. Its hard to describe him, if you dont know him yourself, but he`s a real core member.
pAsch --> One of the funniest persons I`ve ever met in my life. When he`s stoned or drunken, and you just hear his little sisters screaming through the whole house, it`s just a great experience. A great player when it comes to TDM and probably the laziest person on this planet. :D
kiddie --> He became a real friend of mine, we`ve gone through so many ups and downs to keep OctopuS alive and lead it. I don`t think there are many people, who are that friendly and intelligent. Just a great guy and a deep core of oct.
primus --> Our latest addition to the team. Many people were asking me, why I let him join oct, because they think he`s a cunt. But it`s the opposite. primus is a young player, probably one of the biggest UT talents of this time. He`s a nice and funny guy to know, always talking shit on ts and annoying everyone :)! I think he belongs to us.

And finally, will we see you in UT3?
What a question..... OF COURSE! o/

Alright, and now some quickies!

Lightning or Shock?
Both in combination :)

Normal Weapons or Insta?
Normal Weapons

Favorite UT2004 Player?
Thats a hard one... Sadly I have to admit, that you come into my mind :p


Favorite map?

and...Blond or Brunette? \o/

Alright, any last words? Shoutouts? Cheat accusations(in your case:D!)
Ok, first I want to accuse everyone, who`s better than me, for cheating! What else ? Play more TDM and less TAM, come on LANS if you can, its a great experience and respect the people, who do something for the community. As a final word: Congratulations to everyone, who has read so far without falling asleep! Love you all :D

sebo's config


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Posted: 2007/05/14 - 21:48

Yout toally fucked up the career part, every sentences is not on the place, where it belongs :p. Anyways, nice work lux =)

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 21:49

the only person I can think of that never said something negative about someone else, hope he learns that some day :P

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 21:50

rofl , £eM-SeBoNatoR .. didnt even know that was u jeeez thats way back :D

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 21:56

yo, thats really quite some time ago :p

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 21:56

"lowskilled inbrain"

lol dont be envious

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:12

!! Brunette for the win!

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:23

-steelz config-

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:47

"kiLLzA --> A really crazy and funny guy, always making bad jokes in ts. Just nice to have him in company and to have him as teammate ingame. Skilled, friendly and small! (yes, he really is :p)"

pff i know im small (175cm or sth) :P BUT u arent able to call me small becuz ur too :) and about west u forgot sth about "Kartoffelschnaps" :D.
nice iview m8...

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:48

nice interview with some weird sentences ;)

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:54

ye the sentences @ career part are indeed weird, i`ll fix that soon :O

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 22:55

and...Blond or Brunette? \o/


Posted: 2007/05/14 - 23:00

i miss the following part in this iv:
sebo: i am ping only :P

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 23:16

sebo: I didnt fuck up anything, I copy pasted your answers :))). dont blame me :P

Posted: 2007/05/14 - 23:20

then i have to blame my IRC script :p

EDIT: The career/un2on2cup part is fixed now!

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 00:06

sebo means pig fat in portuguese.

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 02:46

one of the better german tdmers imo

nice interview, long answers!

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 07:22

I like sebo, he's just like me (except I'm the duelling type and he's the tdming type)... we both act nicely etc, but when it all comes down to server discussions/losing and such, we whine equeally much!! =D

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 08:00

did "i only have skill with a 100mbit conn"-zeta just say that sebo is ping only?

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 08:49

nice interview =)

Posted: 2007/05/15 - 09:34

great stuff! , gotta love the oct guys!
n1 lux! =)

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