The reawakening of...

>Everyone who'll read this would have heard your gaming nicks but could you tell us a bit more about yourself.
Hi, my name is Christian "GitzZz" Hock and I was playing the UT-series from 1999 on. I am living in Germany near Nuremberg and in about 9 months I will officially be a physiotherapist hopefully ;).

Now that that's out the way where've you been? :)
Well, when world of warcraft was released I spent more and more time playing wow than playing UT2k4. So after a while I totally stopped playing UT since I found myself prefering playing wow than praciticing UT with my clanmates. So I played wow for more than a year pretty much (a frew breaks included). I have stopped playing wow finally for about 4-5 months ago I think. Right now I am playing a bit UT2k4 again but just for fun when I got some time left. I am pretty active in real life now (physiotherapy, gym, climbing, guitar) which takes pretty much my sparetime. I kinda miss this extreme gaming time though. Travelling around the world (with my team) playing for money was really awesome... as long as I was doing that I pretty much didnt really know how cool it was. Now I've realized it and I miss it.

What do you think is your greatest achievement during your career?
The greatest achievement was probably winning the wcg two times in a row in 2001 and 2002.

Of the many lans you've attended which did you enjoy the most and why?
I cant really say which I enjoyed the most because so many lans were really nice. But the first lans that come to my mind are wcg2004 and cpl summer 2004.

Why WCG2004 and CPL Summer 2004?
wcg2004 was in san francisco and i had a lot of fun with killu and burnie there but also with other people. it was just the most relaxed wcg I had so far. I didnt have to play the finals either *cough* ;). cpl summer was great because i went there with my whole team. Frag^m, Horny, Cloud and me in that time. We just had such a good time there. Playing as a team, went to the Hooter's bar, visited a mall or was it just to get back to the hotel in the evening and having a room smelling full of shit because there was a problem with the canalization. I will never forget this one ;)

What did your friends/family think about you playing computer games at such a level?
My parents werent very pleased when I started being most of the time after school in front of my monitor playing just games. They thought I would miss much of my real life like getting in contact with friends, going out partying etc. Well, in a way they were right. I indeed didnt live the life of a "normal" teenager but right now I am rather proud of it I must say. I had so much fun playing games (and still have) so even if i missed something I dont regret it. To get back to your question: Most of my friends were surprised that you could even make money with gaming but they liked what I was doing it. My parents joined this opinion as soon as I brought the first big cheques home :p.

Which country did you enjoy visiting most?
Korea and the USA

What was it that you liked about korea and USA and what state in America?
I liked to get to know the different cultures and places (i didnt see much of the places though, but still!). I went to california (wcg2004) and texas (cpl summer 2004)

What's the biggest/craziest thing you've spent your prize money on?
All I have bought of the won money was a car. I put the rest on the bank.

What car?
ford - puma

When you look back at the time you spent gaming you think...
it was great fun, i have so many cool memories about it and I even earned quite some money with it. So I think it was quite some well used time.

Do you still play UT at all?
I play a bit UT2k4 right now, but not really much. Maybe 5-6 hours a week.

Are the 5-6 hours a week all duels? Who do you play with and is it with a fakenick?
yes, duels only. i play vs random guys or vs my clanmates. my irc nick at the moment is "gitzman". but its not supposed to be a fakenick, i was just too lazy to change it for the past few weeks ;)

Which do you enjoy more. 1v1, TDM or something else?
I have always preferred 1on1 over tdm.

Have you tried TAM? Like it?
i have played it once with my clanmates and I dont like it. So much spam and camping going on. nothing for me =)

Have you been following the scene still? What are your views on it?
I have hardly been following the scene so I have no special view on it. One thing I realized while I was playing some duels recently is that the infight movement really changed during my absense. It's much more about walljumping now than it was when i left the scene.

You've both played UT99, UT2003 and UT2004, which was your favourite and why?
The game I enjoyed playing the most was UT99. Since then it went down hill ;). The shieldgun destroyed the following games in my opinion. Some people might just say that you have to play it differently. That's probably right, but I dont like enemies receiving no damage while i was actually hitting them with 5 shock primaries. When I do the work and aim for them to die ffs ;).

Will you play UT2007 when it comes out and at what level?
I will check it out but I will probably not play it competetively. It takes so much time to be and remain a topplayer and right now I dont have so much time and I doubt that it will get any better in future. So I will probably play it on a medium level (if i'm gonna play it). If the game is somewhat addicting as UT99 was it might be different but i dont think that it will be like that.

Do you think the removal of the shield gun is a good thing?
ahm, well... lemme think. YES!

If you could do any career what would you want to do?
If you could make a living of gaming I would give it a try. But that's just not possible as long as you dont become top 3 at all big tournaments and get enough money out of it. The player would have to get a sufficient salary that he can even afford playing enough to stay at the top. But since this isnt reality I'm gonna stick to a normal job and earn my money the traditional way ;). And..... well.... I'm getting older, too ;).

Blondes or brunettes?
It's all pink, right ? oh sorry, that was mean ;(. I dont really care about the haircolor.

Favourite song right now?
"Disturbed - 10.000 fists"

Is that metal? Metal's the worst genre of music :D
thats metal yeah. the more you listen to it the more you like it =). too bad it seems to work the other way round with girls ;) (no hate plz! :D)

Favourite movie quote?
"Weee the experts" ( ALI G in da House)

Thanks for the interview. Any shoutouts?
I wanna greet my clanmates and everyone I have played against in my lifetime =)

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Posted: 2006/12/08 - 01:49

nice ivs hope to see u guys someday again:)

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 11:00

Yeah good work. thx

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 13:09

gj dird :):)

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 14:02

goddamnit, i KNEW i saw you in nijmegen last week >_

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 15:24


Posted: 2006/12/08 - 17:17

nice interviews =)

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 18:19

gitzzz is speaking out of my soul tbh :X. His opinion about gaming is exactly the same as mine.

and Disturbed > * !
very nice read :)

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 20:39

nice to hear from Lauke and GitzZz (Greetings, in case you read this!), well done interviews.

"If you could make a living of gaming I would give it a try"
Hey, any Millionairs around, who would want to pay them to compete again? :)

Posted: 2006/12/08 - 21:43

very good idear to interview both!

Posted: 2006/12/09 - 10:34


hope to see them both competing in 2k7, UT wouldent be the same without those too. :)

Posted: 2006/12/09 - 17:19

really nice :) no one comes close to these 2

Posted: 2006/12/11 - 16:11


Posted: 2006/12/16 - 11:23

Nice read. Hope to see you back in 2k7.


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