EuroCup XIV group interview
(Group stage interviews)

Firstly, do you think the right 16 players were chosen or do you think certain players deserved to be in over others but didn't get picked?
kransch: well, i think, these 16 players are good enough to play in the ec. of course there are some more players who have the skill to compete in this tournament but the admins had to make a decision, which wasn't easy, i think, and they made a good decision, imo.
Zeta: Sarge should have had a chance to play the eurocup but overall i think its fine.
dignitas\tewic: Of the people who signed up, I think RC did a great job, couldn't have done it better myself. There's a few players that might have deserved to be there, but since EC is about getting the best player from "each" country in europe, more or less, some players were picked above others even though they might not have been better.
Varagh: In the current scene i think the selections were good, maybe some mess about the german players. But i think if a player earns credit by winning a lot of tourneys before, he should get invited. Like d3ity etc..
kiLLzA: Well i think you can ask me this question after that cup if the right players were chosen, i just can say a quali match between sarge and primus wouldnt be wrong :p but overall its fine. i think ^^
sas^ynZ: well considering CB wants players from all of europe i think it was a good list, to bad for some germans though since they got a lot of good players that prolly would've been picked before someone like me if it wasnt the way i just wrote. for example sarge
dignitas\astz: I think the player list is really good, I'm disapointed daddy and killu didn't take part but that's their choice... *cough*newbs*cough*. Some people are bound to be disapointed about not recieving an invite, but the eurocup invites are always done on proven results. So if you really want to take part next season, you should definately have a go at the open cup. Ok, the competition isn't nearly as tough, but it's no walk in the park either!
skAven: Maybe Sarge is better than pasch and he's in the EC, he is better than ynZ too. but except ynz and pasch, the pick is nice

Do you feel the groups are evenly matched or some have a stronger player field than others?
kransch: I think the groups are evenly matched, maybe group b is a bit weaker than the other groups.
Zeta: Doesnt matter if the groups are even, the players have to win anyway if they want to advance.
dignitas\tewic: The groups are very balanced seeing I got a peak at them before they were published, and I know a few other EC players also did so they're balanced from both the players pov and the admins pov. gj as always rubberchicken =)
Varagh: Yes, they feel balanced for me.
kiLLzA: I think this groups are realy good balanced
sas^ynZ: seems pretty good overall with group A being abit stronger then the others
dignitas\astz: I think every group is hard, but they are fairly well balanced overall. I'm sure if you asked various players they might have preferred different opponents, people they feel more comfortable with... But! We're in it to win it right? It doesn't really matter aslong as they aren't overly unbalanced.
skAven: I think that the groups A and C are better than the others

What's your view on the maplist remaining at rankin, ironic, roughinery and lea again?
kransch: The maplist in general is ok, but i really liked the mappool which was played at "The-Summit" (a german lan) very much, it was: ironic, roughinery, lea, squader and reverse. I would prefer the mappool without rankin tbh (played it too often over the last years, i think ;P). But i'm not dissapointed that the "good old" maps are used.
Zeta: Its getting a bit boring but none of the other maps is really playble, maybe reverse.
dignitas\tewic: I've never been a fan of lea, BUT, it's a standard map now. Only thing would have been to include Reverse, but it's too early and many doesn't like it seem. so yeah, I like the maplist, especially that -FE maps are forced.
Varagh: Thank God Liqqan isnt here to put in 30 custom maps...Although i think Lea is boring to play, i would remove it and use 3 maps only.
kiLLzA: For me its fine :P but i would like to see dm-1on1-backspace because its a great map but nobody played it :/
sas^ynZ: good, maybe they could add one more or so .. like backspace
dignitas\astz: That's fine with me, I'm so inactive right now that I get lost running around on Ironic sometimes. So yeah, the maplist is fine haha!
skAven: Nice pick, reverse and backspace suck!

Who do you think will be the two progressing from your group?
kransch: Of course i hope i will progress, but it'll be very hard since i lost the first match. But i think ScrMz and Zeta will be the two in the end. ScrMz because he played at the top for month now and Zeta because he plays very well when he wants to and i think atm he really wants to win.
Zeta: Scrmz of course and i hope i will be the second one. Time will show :)
dignitas\tewic: me and Po1son. tonights match will decide who gets 1st in the group.
Varagh: Po1son and me i guess. If i'm forced to play with triple ping vs hanni he might pass over me.
kiLLzA: Actually I just know how r3v is playing so i cant tell you :(
sas^ynZ: i honestlly have no idea but i have to belive in myself so ill say myself atleast :))
dignitas\astz: Me and... Dunno. :( To be honest I had like 1 week where I played a little, now I've gotten totally inactive again. Started a new job and been seeing my girlfriend a lot, so I'll need a bit of luck to qualify this time. I've slipped!
skAven: me and astz

Predicitions for top 3?
kransch: r3v, skAven, ScrMz, but i dunno the order.
Zeta: uf... maybe scrmz poison and some 3rd dude:)
dignitas\tewic: 1. ScrMz 2. [somedignitasguy] 3. Zeta
Varagh: scrmz/rev/zeta
kiLLzA: This time its really hard :o im sure scrmz will be in the top3 hmmm and maybe r3v/hanni ^^ dont know :p
sas^ynZ: scrmz/zeta/astz .. in any order
dignitas\astz: 1st. ScRmZMZM! (or astz) 2nd. FrANt1c! (or astz) 3rd. Te3wIkc! (or astz)
skAven: 1st:ScrMz 2nd:Me or Frantic ( if I play nice in all this EC ) 3rd:r3v



Posted: 2006/12/01 - 20:22

=) everyone seems very confident for this EC

will be great!

Posted: 2006/12/02 - 03:36


Posted: 2006/12/02 - 12:50

gl all participants =)

Posted: 2006/12/02 - 13:28


Posted: 2006/12/02 - 15:58

good luck to all you guys and of course good luck to my new favorite player r3v

Posted: 2006/12/02 - 19:18

killza will be in top 3 imo =) rev vs killza in final would be good.

Posted: 2006/12/03 - 15:24

i dont think so ^^

Posted: 2006/12/04 - 13:29

i dont think either...


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