Console Commands

The console in Unreal Tournament 2004 can be resembled to the command prompt for an Operating System with the same pros and cons. Just like the command prompt the console can be a bit discouraging for a new user, no buttons to click on no real graphics just an empty space where you are supposed to write commands. Once you learn how to master it however, it becomes a quite potent tool while administrating a server as well as setting up the game to your own personal preference.

The first step when using the console is obviously to open it. This can be done in two different ways the first and most common on is to open the “normal” console by pressing ö on your keyboard. Doing this will bring forward a somewhat transparent black window on top of your screen. Listed in this window are all the previous commands and happenings that have taken place during the match. The other option is to use the “quick” console which is activated when you push thetab key. The quick console differs from the normal console in that the quick is only a simple cursor on the bottom of your screen just above your weaponbar. You don’t get a big window that blocks your view but at the same time you aren’t able to see any old commands or messages. Which console you choose to use is all up to you, they have the same function the only real difference is the appearance.

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Posted: 2004/06/21 - 20:49

ooh, I sorta needed this :)

Posted: 2004/06/25 - 19:12

very good =)

Posted: 2005/07/03 - 06:55

Nice Done,Gw :P

Posted: 2005/11/03 - 17:26

Well then how to bind a key to perform a command such as recording a demo?

Posted: 2005/11/10 - 06:37

In your user.ini find the key you want to use to bind demo record. For example use i=demorec | demostop. You can specify the way the file is named in the user.ini it is called demorecmask I believe. So in my example you would hit I to start the recording and hit I again to stop recording the demo.


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