The complete guide to the scandinavian UT2004 community.

With the release of Unreal Tournament 2004 theres been an massive influx of new players, some from other games and many that are complete newbies to online gaming. I'll try to list a comprehensive list of all the major locations for the Scandinavian UT2004 community. Irc channels, web sites, forums and other resources. If you think your site/channel belongs here pm me on irc I'am always in #unrealnorth /bogobot

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Posted: 2004/06/16 - 12:11

I'am well aware that the guide isn't exactly complete yet.. but it will be updated regularly, also as i said in the article i'am happy to receive information from you that you think should be added there, especially about the norwegian, danish and finnish communitys. As i live in sweden i have best knowledge of the swedish community also it's 2 times bigger than the other countries combined so it's not a suprise that that section is larger than the others.

Posted: 2004/06/16 - 19:40

I don't know if you mention instagib clans here, but if you do, then you have to mention #wi

#wi is one of the best known norwegian clans - but they only play instagib. (Some of the members are also in the e-factory norwegian section)

Posted: 2004/06/16 - 21:14

I've added #wi when the list is getting more complete i'll sort clans in categories by gamemode to make it easier to find a suitable clan

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 09:02

bogo: nice idea, i'm sure it'll help some people into the community.

unfortunately theres not really any danish community (:

Posted: 2004/07/24 - 00:02

applause 2 the effort :)

weve been around for awhile... in the old dayz (U1) the community evolved around and their boards. With UT that changed and has never been the same afterwards. Folks scattered allover (diff mods & games), and no real effort of creating such community again has (at least as far as i know) been made. Until now (i hope). Gr8 work and my hat off :)


/Bull Porkflute

Posted: 2004/08/31 - 18:12

don't forget all the iCTF clans from EC2003 that are from Sweden.
a1 channel: #ut.armageddon
[p!rate] channel: #pirate
]DoH[ channel: #]DoH[

and bN but they are on the list :)


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