UnrealNorth Pickup: Instructions and rules

Welcome to Instructions and Rules article for UnrealNorth's pickup. All of you might not know what a pickup is so here comes a little explanation. A pickup is in short a way for people to enjoy a certain game and gametype in a more competitive fashion without needing a clan. People sign up for a game and once enough people have signed up they are prompted to join a certain server to begin the game. This is much more organised than a random pub and the opportunity to get fair teams is much greater since you can actually switch players before you start the game. All in all it's just a good way to enjoy an exciting game without much hassle.

The pickup is open to every level of skill and we have top TDM-players as well as total newcomers to TDM playing in our pickups. So if you feel like giving TDM a try it would be hard to find a better place to start, just be prepared to be at the bottom of he scoreboard at the end, but if you stick with it and continue to play you will undoubtedly make fast progress.

So what are you waiting for? Join #Unrealnorth.pickup on Quakenet and enjoy some of the best action that any FPS-game can produce.

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Posted: 2006/03/01 - 18:38

read `n obey :D

Posted: 2006/03/02 - 00:21

nice :). GL all playing pickups! MAKE TDM ALIVE :D

Posted: 2006/03/02 - 12:10


Posted: 2006/03/02 - 21:00

Hmmm sounds interesting, but I live in Western US, so I'll probably ping like poo to those servers, and I never use IRC :D

Are there other Americans who participate in these pickups?

Posted: 2006/03/06 - 22:17

*waiting to see UN's first enforcement of the rules*

Jokes aside, put some effort into enforcing the rules this time around.

Posted: 2006/03/13 - 00:10

yes, atleast get your nicks right!? always fun to play against the unknowns....

Posted: 2006/03/14 - 16:01

:))) skilling :P


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