To all of the UT community
(There is no community without communicat)

Before I start I would like to say this.

Please take some time out to read through with an open positive mind.

As most of you are probably aware the UT community as it stands is very poor. This is mainly to do with lack of positive communication between players and clans. Most of the communication has become very negative. Players flaming other players, clans flaming other clans. And I am not just speaking about public servers. This also includes ladders and IRC. If we are to strive and to keep the community alive we really need to do something about this. The solution is very easy. Take the time to actually get to know the other players/clans. Be it over IRC, in game chat, teamspeak, ventrilo, whatever. Just be nice and friendly and I am sure you will find that most of the players out there are good people and very nice to talk with. At the end of the day were all basically the same. Some have families, a wife, husband, or children. Some are single, young, old, black, white, male, female. But the 3 things we all have in common are these. Were all flesh and bone, were all just sitting in front of our pc's and we are all just playing the same "GAME".

Some players are better skilled than others, some players play just for the fun factor and others would like to become good enough so they can be classed as pro players. None of these matter. If you?re beaten in a game it's not the end of the world! We all have our bad games no matter what skill level we are. A lot of the members of the community have been playing this game for a very long time. I myself have been playing it since the very first Unreal came out. But there are still also a lot of new players. Please don?t scare them off by flaming them in game with words such as "nab" or "n00b". Remember! You were also new to this game once! Maybe take some time and give the new players tips on how to play? We need to get this community stronger and this won?t happen by scaring the new blood off! This also won?t happen if the old-time players decide to quit because of all the abuse they receive. Server admins be more vigilant! And warn/kick the abusive players until they realize their mistakes. We have all probably flamed and done all of the above in the past. But please let bygones be bygones and let?s all just try and get along! Let?s sweep all past confrontations under the carpet. And lets all start fresh. No more "n00b, nab, hax" Lets see more. GG. Good shot. Nice shot. No matter how the game goes. Let?s see the higher ranked players and clans actually communicating with the lower players and clans. Just because they may not be as skilled at the game as you does not mean they should be ignored or flamed. If all of this is achieved then you/we will all find online games to be much more fun and friendly. This will also bring the new players back for more. And it will make our "community" much stronger. And if the above is achieved then maybe UT2007 will start off on the rite foot!

If you have read this far then it's already started.

Please pass this on to other players and clans. And please add your clans IRC and web url info to the list so we can start the communicating!

IRC #flatlinersclan

irc #{GP}clan


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Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:15


Mommys Boys
IRC #[MsB]

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:16

IRC #s3xy

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:17

oh ye
q-net #k@ozz

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:18

very nice .)

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:24

well its so true what you say.... i just think its hard to mak everyone act like that, gotta admit i sometimes get a little mad and start to flame etc... but i like to help the not so skilled guys if they actually ask for advice so i guess i can feel good on that point ;)

nice read anyway, lets hope some people will think more over what you wrote and maybe itll just help a little! :)

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:27

q-net #Genesis-7

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:29


IRC #Genesis-7

Edit: owned by Dodraugen.

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:29

nice idd
#fnaZk.ut @ q-net

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:31

He has sooo right about this.. But he forgot about one thing, but thats one of the reason for lots of flaming on the public servers..

Fakenickers, as lots of the swedish players I have talked with know my point of view on the fakenickers.. Becuase lots of the big clan players hide under their fakenick and flame ppl and then think its ok with it, but they are just making this worse..

But instead of fakenicking they should play with their real clantag and nick because some of the new players do think its fun to play against some really skilled players and shouldnt wonder who it was that told him lots of bad things.. So to all the fakenickers out there, start to play with your real nickname and dont be afraid to maybe play bad or what ever you hide from, so the new ppl can have some fun when they realise who they play...

Otherwise a very nice column

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 13:35

/me still remembers his first duel when he replied on irc with some "progamer" who didnt put 'highskilled' in his search :)

ow boy, that dude could flame :P

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 14:07

I havent thought the UT community was soo bad. Havent played much last month, mostly UT99, but I dont notice much when I play some public. Very seldom it is some player that bash some other saying "plz leave" and such but I told him to shut up and other did too soo so far it is quite few "bad" players in UT.
I have always been proud of the UT community and of course I hope that it will not change.

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 14:15

well i just played on the dtm-server and ppl just started to flame whenever a minigun was used :/
Its part of the game, just as an Awm in cs, infantery general in c&c generals etc...

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 14:18

soooo true kMn!, fakenicking is only okay when you play with someone you know very good and its for fun you do it, like, played duel vs daze and he called himself -Kz.Derango (as usual, swedish psytrance artist) so ofc i also changed nick to u`Megalopsy (also a psytrance artist).. but otherwise i think its pure lame, especially if you start to flame people just to make sure your name aint "hurt" when you flame.

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 14:39

TuF are 100% behind you on this 1Byron, as u know my only rule for recruiting is "NO WANKERS" i hte cheeters, flamers, lamers and the usual idiots u find in the publics, if every 1 remembered thier manners things would run so much better. if u need n e help m8 you know where to find me m8.
please all join #-TuF- for friendly conversation and a nice clean game :)
take care
em :D

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 15:33

completely agree with the open letter! and kMn filled the missing gap too :p

I myself get a bit mad sometimes...I also flame.very rare though...I guess everybody gets bad days once in a while :

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 16:02

mhm i can't totally agree. i mean if you play you always talk to everyone? and did you like all the opponent teams you met? i don't think so and i really don't think so negative about the community and the game, at least i wouldn't call it "poor". just behave like you do irl and everthing will be fine. the only problem is, that people sometimes use the internet as a valve, but you should ignore that, too (like most of us do irl).

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 16:28

I couldn't agree more with the column

life is what happens to you while ur busy making other plans, why waste it on hate.

PissedNumlock wrote:

/me still remembers his first duel when he replied on irc with some "progamer" who didnt put 'highskilled' in his search :)

ow boy, that dude could flame :P

Man that's so incredibly bad. Sadly, many of the skilled guys are the biggest pricks and live far far up their asses. It's so sucky. What the hell gives a skilled player the right to flame someone for not being skilled? anyone who does something like that deserves a bad beating. This goes esp. to many CZ players, and directly to varagh and winz. Grow up.

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 16:40

I disagree with the author of this column due to another approach to playing games. I remember when i started playing Unreal way back and i first played on that legendary kplay ffa, where more or less skilled players spam the shit outta the game in a 10 ppl deathmatch game. Back then i usually ended up with a stat of 10:50 and people there used to laugh at my skills as an ut player and called me newbee or "omg i got noobbashed" etc. when I fragged them.
Of course I got angry about this and tried harder. Short time later i ended up with 10 frags more during a map, and I found it enjoyable to get better and outfrag players which called me newbee etc some weeks back. When I finally won my first kplay ffa map I felt like a king, because that was what I was aiming for all the time. So provoking people on gameservers can be considered as a challenge to them to get better, at least thats what I experienced. Maybe iŽd have found UT boring if ppl acted like in a fairy country, maybe the opposite of that is what makes bored couchpotatoes compete in computergames.

Sounds hilarious to you? I agree, proving yourself in a computergame is basically something which cant be much more retarded. Neverthelss it shows that the stuff going on in irc or gameservers is something which comes to the social behaviour of ppl quite close. And as most of you might know people arent always nice in "reality" as well, so if people feel the need to flame at me as I am a newbee I act as Im supposed to, I will hardly try to act as someone I am not myself.

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 16:41

Revolt clan #revoltclan

Posted: 2005/11/13 - 17:38

noooo you're ignorant, that's bein ignorant

tolerate teh flamers =(

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