Clanbase TDM Eurocup XI

The EuroCups hosted by ClanBase has always been one of the most prestiguous online tournaments for the Unreal Tournament series and EuroCup XI might be the most prestigious one ever. Why? Well the first thing is that the LAN-finals are back which by itself a big motivation factor but add prize money, courtesy of GGL, to the list and you got yourself an interesting tourney. And we aren�t the only ones who seem to think it�s interesting. Since the EuroCup announcement we have seen top teams returning, new ones forming and the already active ones recruiting and practicing like never before. This have all contributed to making the Unreal Tournament 2004 TDM EuroCup XI perhaps the most spectacular and interesting Unreal Tournament competition ever.

UnrealNorth will of course be there to give you all the news, match reports, interviews and speculations surrounding all they way from the start to the LAN-finals in June. We will do this with our biggest coverage ever. We will keep everything in one place to make it easier for you all to give you easy access to everything you will need to keep track of your favourite team as well as your hate objects.

Hopefully we can help make your EuroCup experience as pleasant as possible and we will begin right now.

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Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:07


Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:13

sweet :) *UN OWNS* ^^

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:17

awesome coverage m8s.. keep up the good work :)

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:22

great job nosnos

btw: mousesports should have a german flag with the new lineup i think.

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:26

I thought about that.. but I came to the conclusion that I should do like they do in sports... you don't say that Arsenal plays for "EU" just because they have a very mixed squad... or perhaps Arsenal should count as a French team because of all their French players? Anyways I guess that no way of doing it is wrong exactly, I just chose this way now, since it seems like the more professional approach to the whole team thingie :)

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:31

well, i see your point
but mousesports is a german clan, the old ut team was the only not german squad afaik.
so we have a german clan and a german squad => i would take the german flag ;)

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 22:33

They are? then why didn't anyone tell me that, now I really have to change it ^^

Posted: 2005/02/16 - 23:50

btw.. Sunday to monday... should be sunday to thursday @ my interview... :p

Nice coverage :)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 03:18

n1 Nosnos :)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 06:48

n1 coverage and lol @ 3wd ;)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 08:33

This is sweet :)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 08:40

All this UT coverage makes me horny

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 10:00

ye, makes my horny to.
wanna make sweet UT love jaQal? :D

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 10:14

n1 Nosnos =))

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 12:42

"To replace him they recruited not one but two skilled players in Goirach and Quasar who we could last see in Team 64 AMD."

There's more than one thing wrong with that sentence: 1. it implies that Goirach played for T64 (due to a missing comma) - afaik he never did, and Quasar never played for T64 either (t64 =mrfrost, asimetrie etc) - he played for TAG :)

Fantastic coverage nossie

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 12:57

I always mix those two clans up ^^ fixed anyways

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 14:23

pld nonos, nice coverage mate

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 14:28

go danderyd/tby :=)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 15:44

nice preview!!

though a little thing, I'm the teamleader not lauke ;)

Posted: 2005/02/17 - 20:06

WOW! Nosnos awesome work.

lol fnatic.ROX

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