Money Money, Itīs a rich mans world
(The column)

Since Iīm bored to death and have nothing better to do I decided to write another column. This topic might be abit outdated, but I just felt I had to get some thoughts out of my mind. Last Thursday night the good people over at CPL did the unthinkable, they chose yet another doom(ed) game. It would have been fine if it would have been included in some regular CPL event, but this was not the case. Painkiller (which you by the way need to eat to be able to play that game) was chosen as the main game at their 2005 World Tour. 11 stops all over the world has been planned including one in Sweden (June 2005) and that makes it THE biggest series of events ever seen in the short lifespan of what we like to call e-sports.

Now letīs focuse abit on the competetive part of gaming, I start to realize more and more that this do not work so well. Big companies like CPL throws a dead game after another at us and forces the community to play something they wouldnīt have played otherwise (Halo, anyone?)
Personally i would have been pleased if they would have chosen a game like Counter-Strike, that would be understandable considering the HUGE following that game has. Not to talk about Warcraft III which would be more beliavable since itīs mostly a 1on1 game. BUT no, CPL chose the money and yet again show that they do not care about gaming. Painkiller was allready bought a spot on ESWC and CPL Summer, but still it died the death it deserved. Now CPL thinks Painkiller deserves another chance(?) Why in hell add a game that the players allready have rejected? We obviously didnīt like it , but CPL didnīt even care. I for one ainīt going to play a game which lives as long as there is money involed.

One of the reasons Painkiller was chosen over UT2004 was cause of the suppport Dreamcatcher will give itīs game. CPL demanded stuff like Linux server, PKTV and IRC-bots (These are not included in Painkiller as of now) What I donīt understand is why not choose a perfect game in the first place? UT2004 has all this what CPL wanted, but in the end i guess It all came down to the benjamins!

In order to make competetive gaming a reality we would need some kind of organisation who fight against decessions like these, such an organisation seems as of today very far from a reality. Until something like this exists I guess we just have to do as the people with the money wants. I for one wonīt go on that road, I will play the game I love and have been apart of for so long.

CPL should take a look in the mirror and see what way they want go, they have totally ignored the community again. I have lost my faith in CPL and the competetive gaming and there is only one way to restore that faith: Let Painkiller die the death it deserves.

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Posted: 2004/10/22 - 03:29

gogo UnrealNorth Scandi Tour!!!1

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 04:30

can just say that i totally agreeeeeee!
nice written m0n!

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 09:07

Fight the power!

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 14:02

well... pk simply sux, and those ppl that just start over with it and dream of the big money they can make and go to bed with the idea of becoming a real progamer or other fantastic illusions... letīs see it clear: those guys are bitches which sell themselfes for the money, and if that werenīt enough they are dreamers because no one can really say who might take it... and relying on your skill and wasting hundrets of hours if not even more just for the chance to qualify for the tournament and then maybe for the chance to win some bucks... hey, i must be pretty desperated to do that, aye?
And thats maybe the reason why i neither give a damn about the cpl nor sponsoring or what ppl commonly call "pro gamers", to hell with em. in fact all this changes nothin for 99% of us... so why bothering?

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 14:59

cpl just confirmed they are a laughing stock of esports
mediocre lan with good prizes and poor choices, but i'd rather attend dreamhack or assembly
cant touch eswc/wcg

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 18:43

if i wanted to win money i would go for a real sport like ping pong, it's not the most physical sport in the world.. the same hand eye cordination you need for gaming applies to ping pong.. the sportmen use about the same amount of time practicing than a normal gamer and the chanses for winning is much bigger.. also the amount of pricemoney is huge compared to in e-sports

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 19:48

I think this shouldn't have come as a surprice for anyone with a little knowledge in the gamingworld.
It has always been and will always be the "money rules" in this "new economy" related world of gaming.
The little few who is egar to make money in this buisness are all in the hands of the global mastodont companies and they have to cope with that.
Imo we have little in common with these guy's and that's why we react with this intense when we get news like this.
I am proud of the UT-community and i think everyone in these forums are to.
When you see games like Halo, Painkiller, DOOM 3 (little early mayby) and other "big" games go down after only a few weeks you understand what solid base the UT-series stands on.

My thoughts goes like this:
Screw CPL and all other global companies who tries to rule the gamingworld by trying to bribe us with money and forcing us to play games that sux!

and ping pong ;)

Posted: 2004/10/25 - 19:25

Who cares about CPL? As someone else wrote its WCG, ESWC and CPL in that order and I guess if it contunies like this it will drop to 4:th place, with no one on third :-)
Or maybe UNL on third ;-)

Posted: 2004/10/27 - 01:20

Desicions are made before the arguments are!

Posted: 2004/10/31 - 23:23

1600 signatures :)

Posted: 2005/01/31 - 17:03

Lööv to u Hist :)


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