UnrealNorth League : Week 3 summary
("Cata > you")

This week was far from busy. Bohoo.. Many games that wasn't played etc, but however, some clans "did their homework well" and will receive a goldstar in my notebook ;). And whatever you might have heard me say or seen me written; I wont step down as "ze unl admin". Im here to stay :). Also I would like to take the opportunity to appologize for my behaviour this weekend (the e* vs j52 game). Anyway, enought rabbling about that, scroll down and read about the past week of this lovely league before I kick j00 ass!

The first game of week 3 was between inner Turbulence and Hostile Skillz. Many thought this one would be even, but as Hist predicted, won by iT. but once again Hist proved how bad he is at predicting, as the game ended in a draw. HS won the first map, DM-Goose2k4, while iT won DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E with ease. Man of the match was undoubtly iT|YatJA who fragged like a (insert fitting word here) at Campgrounds. This was also both teams second draw game. (Also, HS played vs ReiGn in a late week 2 match this week, who ended 1:1)

inner Turbulence [1:1] Hostile Skillz

Bellator Interior who got badly beaten by PTrOn last week must have been (and must be?) out for revenge, and this week they faced a bunch of norweigans, esu.no! Sadly Bellator Interior didn't have much to say about this one, who esu won comfortably. But Im sure NakedApe and his Bellator Interior are going to smack back as hard as possible next round, they got the potential atleast and should be blood thirsty enought! :D

esu.no [2:0] Bellator Interior

The gamingschool we all know as e-Factory had a busy week! First the "pro" section of e-F, e-F.pro played versus MsB in what seemed to be a very uneven game. The future pros walked away with a very comfortable win. Just a couple of minutes later it was time to fight once again, this time versus the "original" e-F team. e-F.pro vs e-F in a early week 4 game actually. Once again e-F.pro proved to be the stronger team, much thanks to the newcomers eF.pro|MagnuZ and eF.pro|zanex!

e-F.pro [2:0] MsB
e-F.pro [2:0] e-F

This weeks second Premier League game was actually a late and rescheduled week 2 game, between the swedish powerhouse e-star and jUNK52. Theres not that much to say really, cause e-star ran over the norweigans who didn't stand a chance. But we all know that the norweigans can do better, and will probably do so in their next game! Note: e*Cata is back in biz!!

e-star [2:0] jUNK52

The last game of week 3, who actually was played during week 4 (gosh) between s3xy and the multinational, but swedish clan Thugz ended in a draw! This makes the second division exciting as never before! s3xy|Freeman did a very well job killing the thugz on both maps.

s3xy [1:1] Thugz


Week 3 topfragger (Player): e*Cata 105 frags (52,5 per map)
Topfragger (Team): e-F.pro 336 frags (168 per map)
Best +net (Player): e*Cata +92 (+46 per map)
Best +net (Team): e-F.pro +261 (+130,5 per map)

e*Cata is back for sure! His game versus the norweigans was simply amazing. Im looking forward to see more of his skill, tho I hope he will play bad versus us (iT) in week 4, hehe :). Ah well I'll end this summary as I always do; good game and good luck next round all!

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Posted: 2004/10/26 - 02:02

nice to see s3xy in such good shape =)


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