UnrealNorth League : Week 2 summary
("Say Hello To BlackLotus")

Week 2 of the UNL finished already? Wow, time is moving on quick. Noteable for this week is that CPL made Painkiller the one game to be featured in the World Tour. God how stupid. Also, our norweigan friends from "IT-P" has finally found themselves a new 'home'; jUNK52. Anyway, lets go straight to what happend this week!

First game of week 2 was played between s3xy and the Clanbase SummerCup Second Division winner CoS at wednesday evening. As expected, this game was even and ended in a draw, 1:1. s3xy owned Antalus, with s3xy|Nosnos collecting loads of frags. Goliath however was very close, CoS won by only 9 frags, 84-75.

s3xy [1:1] Copenhagen old School

Thursday then, and time for cal to defend their #1 spot in the Premier League versus FOE. Also, swedish-based PTrOn played versus the underdog ]3[ in the second division. Unfortunately FOE never really stood a chance on any of the maps and lost quite big, making cal's first place even stronger. While FOE was beaten, ]3[ got totally crushed by PTrOn.

cats and logs [2:0] FOE
Periastron [2:0] Bellator Interior

At the end of the week we had another "busy sunday", tho not as busy as the last one, but hey.. :). First off was "the battle between the so called cool clanname clans", Viruz and Thugz. As predicted, this game was very even and ended in a draw. While Viruz got a close win on DM-Antalus, Thugz did one hell of a game at DM-Goliath and won comfortably.

Viruz [1:1] Thugz

Shortly after BlackLotus entered the ring with MsB. There's not much more to say about this game more than the fact that BlackLotus owned.

BlackLotus [2:0] MsB

And finally the last match of the week, Yellow Devils versus e-Factory.pro. [YD]Racy did a great job killing those e-students, ending up with over 30 frags per map!

Yellow Devils [2:0] e-F.pro

Two matches was cancelled this week; Hostile Skillz vs ReiGn and e*star vs jUNK52. Lazy little gamers! :D


Week 2 topfragger (Player): BL|FUL 91 frags (45,5 per map)
Topfragger (Team): BlackLotus 292 frags (146 per map)
Best +net (Player): BL|FUL +76 (+38 per map)
Best +net (Team): BlackLotus +202 (+101 per map)

Again good game and good luck next week to all clans! Note how BlackLotus owned this week.. Are they too good for Div3 maybe? :-)

UnrealNorth League stats
UNL Week 1 summary "The Busy Sunday"



Posted: 2004/10/18 - 11:09

Really great work with these summaries... Keep the good work up! :)

Posted: 2004/10/18 - 17:53

I couldnt agree with u more bruttO =), Nice job!

Posted: 2004/10/21 - 08:45

TOO good to div3 for sure, look at unl stats, how the hell can «BL»TiGeR-SwE be on the stat list twice ?

Posted: 2004/10/21 - 17:05

Next season we can prolly have 4 divisions due to the amount of new clans joining our scene.

Posted: 2004/10/22 - 19:15

GW brwt! ;) And yeah, BL should definitly be in a higher div. Its not even fun when they get those nr:s(45,5frags/map!!!) t_T


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