UnrealNorth League : Week 1 summary
("The Busy Sunday")

The first season of our very own UnrealNorth League finally began last week, after the two weeks delay. Unfortunately we couldn't get a working ".php-table-system-something" online in time, so this seasons tables and stats are handled manually. But what the hell, with a crew consisting of youngsters with too much time on their hands, that won't be a big problem!

The first game ever in the UNL was played between e-Factory and BlackLotus in the third division. BL showed off some skills and crushed e-F. Maybe we saw the birth of a future star: «BL»Nillas, who fragged like a commando-hamster on ecstasy and placing #1 in the frag-league. Next day (Wednesday) the newfound e-F.pro took on OldschoolerZ in what ended the same way as the premiere game; e-F got crushed.

e-Factory [0:2] BlackLotus
e-Factory.pro [0:2] OldschoolerZ

If you haven't followed the UNL that good, and still wonder about the undertitle "The Busy Sunday" on this column, you'll understand now. Cus' 7 of 9 UNL games was played on sunday evening. That my friend, was a busy fucking sunday for us poor & underpaid admins!

The oldschool UT-team cats and logs took on Former "IT-P" early this evening. Not did cal just win the game, but they did it with slight ease and grabbed the #1 spot in the first division. A few minutes later the game versus inner Turbulence and FOE began. And well, let me nominate the first 2 minutes on DM-Rankin to the "LOL Hall-of-Fame" or something. FOE did very well and had some extreme luck (iT spammed teamkill's) and took the lead with something like 20-0. FOE won Rankin ofcourse, but Osiris2 was iT's. 1:1 final score, and first and only draw game this week.

cats and logs [2:0] Former "IT-P"
inner Turbulence [1:1] FOE

There could have been another draw game tonight tho; e*star vs ReiGn who was a very tight game atleast on Rankin. First with like 2 minutes left e*star secured the win. Osiris2 wasn't as even as Rankin, but still impressive by ReiGn since they are considered as underdogs in the Premier League. ...Or atleast they were before this game! :O

e*star [2:0] ReiGn

Second division then. First let me say that both me and Viruz-Hist sucks at predictiong games! The only game besides e* vs ReiGn we had right about, was s3xy vs esu.no. Rankin was a thriller, but s3xy won with a score difference of 8 frags. Osiris2 on the other hand, was a slaughterhouse. s3xy owned. Another team that owned was Thugz in the game vs CoS. While Hist predicted an easy win for CoS, I thought it could be a tough match and went for a 1:1 score. Oh boy how right I was when I thought it would be "a tough match", but boy oh boy how wrong I was guessing it would end up as a draw. Thugz owned the first map and won comfortably. Second map, Osiris2, was a bit tighter, but once again Thugz came out on top, much thanks to their unbelievable skilled teenager BaD4U. Also Viruz took on Periastron but I'll come to that match later on...

s3xy [2:0] esu.ut
Copenhagen old School [0:2] Thugz

Mommy'S Boys versus Yellow Devils in what was promised to be an even game. Well, even game for sure, but still MsB managed to win both maps, tho only with a total of +23 frags. Our crew-member [MsB]Kaffesump showed that hes not only a good webcoder, but also a good fragger, taking a spot in the frag-top10.
» Matchreport by Viruz-trwl
Tonights war in UNL div 3 faced 2 teams whom I don't really know where to place.
I know MsB been around for quite some while now, and I know that YD recently had some hard playerlosses. So with that in mind I had a slight feeling this would go MsB's way.

1:st map: DM-DE-OSIRIS2

Yellow Devils got alot of the poweups in the beginning of the game but without any real success, insted it was MsB who got most of the frags, but YD kept fighting and after five minutes the game was almost tied. Eight minutes in to the game MsB had started to get some powerups and it showed in the scores, now they had a lead by 10 frags.
From this point and on, MsB defended their narrow lead of 10 frags, but with only a few minutes to go YD made an brave attempt to come back in the game, but they didn't succeed, insted is was MsB whom got the last frags and the map ended 57:38, much thanks to [MsB]Gibson whom played a very solid game.

2:nd map: DM-RANKIN

MsB got of to an very nice start on this map quickly taking the lead with 10frags, they also got most of the powerups, but YD hadn't given up, they fought bravley and when half the map was played MsB "only" had a lead of 9 frags, 52 to 43. At one point there only was 4 frags between the two team, but MsB who still had the controll over the powerups got back to an comfortable lead, and in the last minutes YD made an brave last atempt to take back the lead and it got really close, but the map endet with a win for MsB 99:95


Both teams showed some good teamplay although YD had problems grabbing those powerups on rankin.
It's hard to tell now how they'll to in the rest of the leauge, but from I saw today it looks promesing. This was a well played war from both sides without any whine or so.
GL HF in the rest of the leauge.

Mommy'S Boys [2:0] Yellow Devils

Viruz vs Periastron, the return of Viruz-2kr? Rankin was won by Viruz with ease while Osiris2 became a thriller! PTrOn took the lead and held it for about 10 minutes. Viruz came back and the game was tight until the last seconds of play when Viruz showed some good routine and managed to win by 6 frags. PTrOn|IceMan, who didn't play the game, said this on irc:

[23:17:12] (PTrOn|IceMan) ush nu blev jag nerväs
[23:17:15] (PTrOn|IceMan) *nervös
[23:17:25] (PTrOn|IceMan) nej faan ffa nu, så jag inte skakar sönder avnervös

..which means something like; "damn I'm nervoues, gotta go play FFA instead of sitting here and shake into pieces cus' of my nerves". That tells alot of how tight and exciting the game was, even for us who followed the game through an irc-bot :).

Viruz [2:0] Periastron


Week 1 topfragger (Player): /cal/mrgib 84 frags (42 per map)
Topfragger (Team): cats and logs 284 frags
Best +net (Player): thug.BaD4U +56 (+28 per map)
Best +net (Team): BlackLotus +174

Good games and well played all of you! Lets hope week 2 turns out to be as successfull as week 1, but, please, try not to give us another busy sunday, ok? :)

UnrealNorth League stats



Posted: 2004/10/11 - 10:01

ahh nice with a weekly summary :]


Posted: 2004/10/11 - 15:48

luck my ass..

Posted: 2004/10/11 - 16:53

PTN vs Viruz -> "That tells alot of how tight and exciting the game was, even for us who followed the game through an irc-bot :). " uhum well, *hrm* @ that bot...but ok it was better than nuthin, hist :)

anyways gg's and again nicely initiative this :)

gl & hf further on all


Posted: 2004/10/14 - 02:45

very nice ;>

Posted: 2004/10/15 - 02:11

really a nice read, thx for the work you guys doin here... btw i think bad4u deserves a spot in swedens nt, that lil boy simply rocks and deserves a chance to proof hisself imo =)

Posted: 2004/10/15 - 02:18

yeah he's good.. but i mean, that was div2 pwnage, not div1 pwnage :o

thank you btw :-D

Posted: 2004/10/16 - 04:37

commando-hamster on ecstasy ? :P


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