Why is UT2004 so hard?
(Why is Ut2004 so hard?)

As online gaming expands for each day that passes, more and more players are turning into more realistic and slow games such as Counter Strike and Call Of Duty. While games such as UT2004 do not interest people that much, not in the long run anyway.
The other day i wrote a message about e-Factory on a forum for the biggest CS community site there is, most of the comments people wrote was that UT2004 was fun as hell, and probably the best game they had played. Now my question is, why donīt we see them in our community? I mean, itīs fun and fast, right? I think one of the problems many beginners face is that the avarage UT2004 player has played the series since a long time and are used to the fast gameplay. So, should we be nicer to our new players and threat them with silvergloves? I really hope not. The only way to learn this game is from other players,to play better players than yourself. Most of all, donīt be afraid to loose, Itīs something you probably will experience alot, better to get beaten when you are a beginner than later. Small movements or trix stolen from player to player adds to this circle of skills. This is how i learned the game, by stealing.

When i started with this game, i didnīt know anything about online gaming and there was no e-Factory, but there was something else. Anyway I just got my ADSL so a friend of mine suggested that I should try this game called Unreal Tournament (This was back in year 2000 i believe) Anyway my friend just sent me his whole UT folder and I wasnīt really prepared what waited me. A couple of hours we were set so my friend who allready was an established UT player (now retired though) tought me the basics, dodging and showing me the weapons. The fun i had the first times i played that game is undescribable, I could play for hours and enjoying every minute. Not many days after I took my first steps on a server I was recruited by my friends clan. I still remember my first clanwar, I can still feel the shaking and sweating, the same feeling I had a couple of years earlier when i was the last line of defence on a Hockey rink. This was cool, this was my new sport. I played my first clanwar even though i was far from ready to, which basicly lead to several teamkills (Friendly fire was something i never heard of before) and not so pretty screenshot. I felt that some of the members didn`t want me there since i wasnīt the most experienced player. What kept me going though was the support i got from my friend and the clanleader (Erect), without them i think I would not have continued. This is what i remember when i look back, and is one of the reasons i decided to start e-Factory. I think everyone needs to feel wanted, and i hope that is what all my students in e-Factory feels. e-Factory is a way for me to give something back to the community I have been in for so long.

The problems we face in e-Factory is the fact that we have a hard time getting opponents who are on the same skillevel as our players. We have not yet played a close clanwar versus another clan, and probably wonīt either. Things are starting to look more brightly though, the word has spread about e-Factory, new players joining the UT2004 school each week, This is something which UT series have lacked in the past. I believe if we keep this up we can work our way up, starting with adding more low and middle skilled clans. Before when i was active and played for clans such as DSKy and Viruz I used to belive that it was only the big clans that matterd, now i think i know better. We must start from below and build our way up and once and for all show the germans who own this sport.

I will finish this column with thanking everyone who has contributed to the success of e-Factory.


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Posted: 2004/09/26 - 09:04

Being relatively new to online gaming myself, I know what you're talking about. Going up against players that have 5+ years experience can quickly convince you that porcelain painting might be a nice hobby... ;)

I think that e-Factory is a brilliant initiative and you certainly deserve kudos for taking the time and making the effort to make it happen. In the end I hope that it will help create a large and active community which in turn will make the community more attractive to new players.

I beleive that you make a very important point in saying that it isn't really about the top clans. In order to create a strong community we need to make everyone feel like they belong and the best way to do that (IMO) is to make sure that we acknowledge accomplishments on *all* levels, not just the "big leagues". Since UN and the UT2k4 community is still pretty young I think we have a great opportunity to make this happen.

So let's all chip in and do what we can. UT2k4 for the win! o/

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 10:04

I think that it's a superficial difference when sayin that UT2004 is a fast game and CS slow because in the end there is the same kind of reflexes that has to be taken into account when playing in both games, someone comes/jumps from behind the corner the reaction time and cource of action you have is pretty much the same in both games.
For example i was playing Strike Force last night and watched a enemy jump from behind a corner and kill one of my team mates, the event was so fast that i started wondering if the game really is so slow as i though and i came to the conclusion that going from a to b is slow in reality type of games but the action doesnt really differ that much, ofcource there is more z-level action in UT2004 because of all the possibilities of jumping but i dont think that affects the game that much.
Also one thing that differs is that in reality type of games that most of the weapons are hitscan only and very similar to each other where in UT2004 theres a great difference in all weapons and you have to train every one hard because the skill doesnt tranfer from one weapon to the other.

Regarding getting players that are worldclass, you need a broad base for that, you cant really think that noobs are the dirt of the earth, they are vital to the community i've seen to many noobs that has movement and aimvise passed me in only a couple weeks of playing (ive palyed about 5 years UT on/off) after that all they need is experience.. it's those type of people that needs to be found if we want to dominate the unreal scene and there is only one way to find them, having as many playing the game as possible, those that have skill will automatically rise to the top..

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 10:05

Great column.

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 10:52

Well you dont have to tell me that going up against players that have played the game(s) for years is hard, i started out as a noob for about.. hm.. 5months ago? Well since the demo of ut2004 and it was my first fps online ever.

I downloaded the demo and played rankin over and over and over... got my a** royaly spanked day and night, but that didnt stop me, i played one called xforce^Phoenix, and the dude could actually hit shock cores in MIDDLE air.. wtf? and he dodged the "walls" on rankin and OMG how difficult wasnt that, i tried and tried and tried, finaly i made it about 1 of 100 times.

Some time later in a store:
Wohoa, look the new ut2004 game, i think ill buy it, (25:e = pay day :> )
and the clerk gave me 200kr in discount dont ask me why, maybe he just liked my looks :) (best buy ever)

Installed it and played publics and thought damn im quite good, somehow i found #ut2004.se on quakenet, i think i found it on s3xyīs clan-page or something. Well started to play with the boys in the swe-community and seriously i dont think i ever have had my player character bounced around by shockhits as i played eWKn in the beggning, maybe i wasnt that good? :)
Keept on playing joined up with DFN after some nice LG kills on Sabbe, but that didnt last to long DFN went inactive : keept on playin got slapped around on the servers time after time, started to talk to Hist on one time and got selected for the first e-factory lineup, and still i keept on dying and dying, finaly i learnd the basic moves as dodge etc and then i thought damn now i am good, but i couldnt be more wrong, now the first step on the ut2004 skill ladder came about, i freakin lost everything and died by ways thats not possible, at this time i was about to uninstall this worthless pice of crapp :) , but by the support of other community members i was soon back on my feet. And now i am in one of my favorite clans s3xy, look at that :)

And guys, be nice to the noobs, when you where noobs (some of u) the game wasnt a month old, its a big diffrence to be a noob in a game the folks have played for years! take it from one who knows

And to all noobs that are noobier then me, Keep playing, just keep playing and you WILL get over the first steps in your ut2004 ladder :)

ut2004: fast, fun, skill, TACTICS

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 11:00

Yeah nice =)

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 11:25

Hist, you deserve a big thanks, you've done so much for this nice community! And i also wanna thank the old IpR dudes ( ]3[ nowadays) that supported me when i was a noobie, had a great time playing with you guys!!

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 12:04

Great Column. I would like to give you and the people involved a big salut for the initiative of the e-factory thingie.
I too, am pretty new in the īcompetitiveī online gaming (1.5-2 years). Beeing new isnīt easy. Not just about the skills, also everything around wars, praccs, CB...you name it.
And here I would like say a big thank you to #fz.ut, #s3xy and #[MsB] who helped med alot in my īupbringingī.

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 12:39

Great column. But I am wondering how Hist and other people can teach n00bs to get more skilled in UT. Many people has often came to me, and asked me to teach them UT. I can't really figure out how to teach them, otherwise than telling them to play as much as possible and watch demos. It doesn't help to play them 1v1 and win them 40-0 and then tell them concrete things they should work on, cause the basics isn't completed.

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 12:52

ill 2nd that lo2dk, but i guess he is giving them tips/hints etc and maybe help them to get their moving capabilities better by having 1 or 2 guys stand still and fire rocket/flak or smth at you so the 3rd guy have to avoid it while fire back or smth...i dunno :)

and straylight man! you couldnt have been more right! in like 4-5months its 2yrs since i dropped into real online gaming, before that i had played bit on/off with apheX (UT forever! o/) with my 56k modem and got my ass kicked everytime! but hell, did i have fun while playing and chatting with them, i think honestly that those 6months is the time that has meant the most to me in online gaming, even tho i was a BIG n00b then, they all threated me friendly and let me play some 2v2/1v1 action with them (yes,i played 1v1 at that time ^^), some of those from apheX has switched to 2k4 (dickz and phoenix are the only 2 i know of tho :) while some others i have lost track of :(

anyhow, when i got my dsl connection back in the day i thought i now after those 6months of learning new stuff in UT i would kick everyones ass in 2k3 :D
and so i entered my 1st(!!!) tdm pickup ever! and well, im not sure if i should tell you this but i think i ended up having a score of -3 frags and 50-60 or so deaths ;p

and so time went by till i hooked up with xeno to reform iT last christmas and here i am today, still a n00b but not that BIG of a noob i was 2yrs back

my end line? dunno if i really have one tbh, but you play the game to have fun right? not to be the best player ever.... and so skills will come in time, just make sure you have fun while learning and playing public is a nice way to learn and get the basics for UT in your rhytm ... it worked for me atleast =)


Posted: 2004/09/26 - 13:08

Actually most noobs needs help.. it can be as simple as dodging most think its a bug. I have severat times seen posts on forums or people asking on irc why their guy suddenly jumps to the side when they are on a ledge or something..

Joining eF isnt a guarantee that you will get to be great really fast but it will make you good faster than if you only played against bots or only on pubs.

Theres so many small things you have to know to master the game and having someone tell them instead of you learning them by trial and error or by accident is a waste of time imo. When you know all these small tricks the most important thing is just doing them over and over again until you fdo it without thinking

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 13:43

bogobot, im curious... What kind of tricks could you or me show to n00bs that want to get into the game? Like 2x tab left = left dodge?

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 13:43

got to say that with out e-factory i think the swedish/scandinavian UT2k4 TDM scene would've been way smaller .. the idea of it is just totally awesome :) ...

keep it going :))

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 15:28

imo ut2004 is fairly easy game with kind of a small skill curve since a 1 day noob can bio frag whatever progamer he faces...

imo q3 is a game that is very very hard to learn , but i only say this from own experience.. maybe pepole find it easier in q3 then 2k4 .. but i dont think any game is to hard for anybody to learn

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 16:50

got to say i disgree there mgz :) ... i feel its to other way around donno why but maybe because q3 was the first game i played alot nw... ( only played 3 years of ut1 igib b4 ) .. or maybe its just diffrent fro person to person

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 17:07

Nice work Hist.

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 17:09

Ye, nice one indeed Hist :)
That's exactly how I feel ;)

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 17:35

Hmmmm, i've had some serious thoughts about quitting UT several times, no doubt. The funny thing is that i've only played for like 9 days :). I just wish I had more self-confidence. I often get extremely depressed after I loose a match, I really agree with what Hist said. You need to feel wanted.
EDIT: Nice column btw! Keep up the good work, Hist!

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 18:44

GJ hist, as always, what would the scene do without u? :)

It's hard in the beginning, and u really get spanked in ut in the beginning, but trust me, u dont need that much practis to become "good", it only seems like that.

I also think eF makes a lot of newbies realise what clan-playing is all about, its not only to pick some guys n play together.....

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 18:50

thats true lo2dk

i know when i was pretty new at ut2004 and i got to know ur name as a very good player ect ect..

so i triede asking u on irc on diffrent stuff about how to get better and so on... and i thought u were kind of the master so u could teach me all kinds of stuff...

but u just told me to prac prac prac, and a little stuff about config, and so...

but its true u just cant say what they have to do to get good, its like "learn from your own mistakes" and with alot of practise you learn that, in my case i have learnt alot...and are getting better day by day...but its gonna take a LONG time before u get really good..

i think if you really want to be ownage at a game and fight enough to be that it should be possible

Posted: 2004/09/26 - 21:32

lo2dk to answer your question, it can be the most simple thing to just belive in them, but if you ask what we do in e-Factory, maybe you should signup to one of our lessons (not that you need it) but you will learn how to teach UT2004, you know where to find me.

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