Scandinavian Open TDM Cup II

One of the first thing we at UnrealNorth did to open peoples eyes to our site was to organise a UT2004 TDM tournament. That time e-star proved to be the strongest TDM-clan in Scandinavia but will they be able to do it again or can other clans by the likes of dsky, Hostile Skillz or dD steal the crown.

The tournament will run over three days, monday through wednesday, and we will of course be at the sideline covering the event as it progresses with commentary, predictions and of course demos. So stick around if you want to find out all you wanted to now about the Scandinavian Open TDM Cup II

Scandinavian Open TDM Cup Demos

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Posted: 2004/08/02 - 23:43

hahaha OMG!!!! IpR for gold....not!!.

Posted: 2004/08/03 - 00:08

It's cool we (IpR) came this far but what's up with all WO:s? :X

Posted: 2004/08/03 - 00:08

gl hf ipr :P

Posted: 2004/08/03 - 00:26

haha Ipren getting popular, well no wonder with all the nice guys in the clan.

Posted: 2004/08/03 - 00:58

IpR for teh win! :D


Posted: 2004/08/03 - 10:49

having 3 games ina row starting 19:00 when all us old farts prolly still @ work or tryin 2 put lil swines 2 bed, some wo's u have 2 expect. considering this nr of wo's is very low imo.....anyways helluva idea and some damn intense activity! i salute the admins/organizers and all die hard fraggers that did perform!


gl next round all!


Posted: 2004/08/03 - 11:14



Posted: 2004/08/03 - 19:16

hmmm, i think it's a shame that we (iT) didn't inform those responsible that we couldn't play, since we knew atleast one day ahead we couldn't participate. I took for granted that the CL or WA would've informed, but they didn't. So i'll take this comment to apologize in front of those who's watching this space.
Sorry for the noshow and the lack of information, we should work on our communication with others. I hope that'll make up for our mistake and improve ourselves.

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 00:08

Thx for a nice cup and happy we for once could attend.
Was as exiting as i thougt with both group1 and 2 ending up counting fragdiff to see who was 2 :).

Congratz to them who made it to the finals and im not jealous for the clans who made it i dont wanna face e-star or dsky again ;).

serious gl and hf all tomorrow!

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 00:23

Yeah, kickass cup with a bunch of nice games :)
Bigtime Cheers! to admins/opponents etc bad about iT/cal etc but nice comments by Yatja! *applause*

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 06:31

yes it was a great cup for us from Ipren, very nice to meet many great players of scandi.very good job admins of this cup...*BIG APPLAUSE*

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 07:16 MsB in the finalls? mommy,s going to be mad.
We all proppably vill be sent to bed early and no snacks at saturday.

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 13:20

I must say it was fun to play this cup GG´s to all the clans and we will met again gretings Ipren

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 13:35

NakedApe and I have UTV available for tonights playoffs.

If it's of any interest, msg me on IRC.

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 16:15

Just hoping that the thunderstorm here (which was quite impressive) didn't take my computers out back home. I'm at work until approx. 23:30 CET so I won't be able to fix them if anything happened.

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 16:51

No worries NakedApe, it's still up and running =D

Posted: 2004/08/04 - 16:56

*phew* ;)

PS. I think I forgot to mention that there is a slave running at 10002 as well :)

Posted: 2004/08/10 - 12:07

FOE vs. HS ??

Posted: 2004/08/10 - 17:54

HS 2:1 FOE
dunno why there's no update on it :X

Posted: 2004/08/10 - 20:00

im WA yat.. not CL so it not my job :P

mine is to setup some wars but oh well.. we screwed up, as simple as that :p


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