I Blame Instagib

Our dear community may not be the biggest community out there, but it´s one of the proudest there is. We may not have the biggest stars or the biggest prize pool on CPL, in fact we should be satisfied if CPL even decides to host a UT2004 competition after this summers TDM event. Although this is not what I'm supposed to complain about, so let's move on.

Our community stretches back to year 1999 when a wonderful game called Unreal Tournament was released. This was the start of something great, many clans were formed at this time, clans that still exist.
This era also gave birth to Instagib, which stuck the community like a plague. It was something that was easy to understand and hardly any learning time at all. People just didn't seem to get enough of it, clans for instagib were formed.

The problem we face in our community is the fact that we have too many gametypes to choose from. From Deathmatch to Onslaught and from Assault to Capture The Flag. That doesn't seem to be enough for some people though, so they decides to add this mutator which gives you an enhanced Shock-Riffle, so powerful that one shot kills you. This causes another split in the scene, where there were four gametypes there are now six.
This mutator which was originally intended by epic to be a aim practice mutator has mutated and become a burden for this community, that´s how i look at it anyways. A burden in that sense that it splits the already small community.

This mutator doesn't offer anything that isn't allready in the game, nor does it revolutionize the teamplay aspect. Instagib is just a bad excuse not to learn this wonderful game as it should be played. I blame Instagib simply because i believe that this is not the way the game is meant to be played, why play a game where you won't even get half of what you paid for? The fact that you have forced us to call our gametype NW should be a sign that something is wrong in this community.

I end this column with the following words: Våga vägra Instagib!

These are my personal thoughts and do not necessarily represent the view of UnrealNorth.com


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Posted: 2004/07/06 - 03:13

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English would be nice ;)

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 03:21

I say the same, i loved the CTF mod in UT99, but i thought with the "NW" it was slow and boring. So i accidently tried iCTF, and it was the most fun ive ever had and i got stuck in it.
But in 2k3 and 2k4 i have tried insta, and i have to say that it´s the most boring and useless crap ever:) UT99 iCTF was the best, now it just sucks:P
Alot of old IG:ers is moving on to NW TDM in UT2k4, since they have, as i, realized that it´s wank in 2k4:)
iCTF community owned the NW community in UT99 tho, three times the clans there etc-.- But dont blame instagib, imo remove NW CTF, DDOM and all the other useless MOD´s :P

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 12:01


fu i*

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 12:35

True, instagib were most fun in UT, also true that it splits the community to smaller parts, but instead of alot of players leaving the whole Unreal community because they cant handle normal weapons would be sader.
There is always theese life important discutions which is the better gameplay, nw or ig, but in the long run, talking with alot of people most ol timers start to find nw more intresting.
Think ig brought alot of players to the nw community, without ig most had left to some other game.
Let them be! :) If they are stubbern and dont want to play nw because its too messy, let them play ig, it wont harm in any way. Still they are active in this community, supports it and perhaps wants to try out nw in a newer game.

Played the both gametypes since UT got out and nw always had a better impact on me, its more satisfactory to win a war in nw then it is in ig. But still i find it fun to go frag some on a boomtown ig deathmatch server time to time.

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 16:33

*Edited by admin*

English would be nice ;)

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 20:53

y insta sawks :)

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 20:57

oh sorry for that!

i agree Hist :)

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 11:07

I personally don't like instagib in UT2kx but I did play it in UT so I know why people like it. It's much easier to get into, it's straightforward since you only have one weapon and it's actionpacked. Now I only played instagib in UT since I came in late in the community and sucked at NW but at instagib I was able to perform quite well since all you had to do was aim really... I really wanted to learn NW so when UT2003 came around I put in a real effort to master it and that is where many are hesitant. It takes a reall effort to learn and master NW compared to instagib, not to say that its easy to become the best in instagib, but its much easier to get "good".

Don't know how the community would look like without instagib, maybe it would be smaller as a whole, a lot of people would probably drop UT completly without instagib... But that said I do wish that more people would be stubborn enough to learn NW since I find it much more rewarding in the long run...

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 11:20

iG is indeed a good aim practice mutator, that´s all it is really, in my book:)

my 0.02 $

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 23:58

why are we having this discussion? everyone knows deep inside that insta is for the weak >.

Posted: 2004/07/08 - 11:57

it should be called instagubb.. A game for old men who cant be arsed to learn anything else.

IG is not even a good aim practice mutator IMO since IG players cant move. IG aim is completly diffrent from NW aim. Dodgejump in IG means you are dead. when fighting in IG everyone strafes in circles.. Noone does that in NW..

Insta in q3 is pretty fun though..

Posted: 2004/07/08 - 17:07

Erect, you seem to know very little of instagib, and movment in general. And ofcourse ig-aim is different from nw-aim, different weapons have different behavior and impact....
And what has the movment "strafing in circels" anything to do with "Noone does that in NW.."
Different gametypes, this behavior propably is more succesfull for many players in instagib, still when 2 skilled instagib players meat each other it needs more then strafing in circles. The real game lyes in against whome your playing against. You could use that same tag-line when talking about nw, a fresh nw-player who cant handle the movment of some very experience nw-player.

Also i would like you to tell me if your an old man who arent arsed to learn anyting else when playing instagubb for q3?

Posted: 2004/07/08 - 17:58

well ErecT... all "old-timers" that i know likes to play NW... maybe it's contrary... the kids likes it simple because it's too difficult to handle many different weapons.

are you really sure that you dont like IG...?

Posted: 2004/07/08 - 18:11

I just want to ask ppl, why hate instagib? I mean I play both, I think both is fun for UT2k4 but its no need to hate instagib just because you dont like to play it... Pure UT "NW" players hate Q3, and they hate ig... What I can se is that you hate everything that hasent to do with UT "NW"? Let the pure insta players be and let them play the gametype they think is fun. But yes, it is very noob friendly, and you can kill even if you are a noob which makes it fun, I mean go into a public server as a noob and play decent players in NW and you wont get a kill, how fun is that?

Now I will take this in swedish because its seems to only be swedish ppl that read this one..

Acceptera andras åsikter och vad de tycker är roligt att göra, och koncentrera dig på det du gör istället för att tracka ner på nått du inte tycker är roligt. Gör livet mycket enklare...

Posted: 2004/07/09 - 04:42

Some off topic random spam; Whats up with all these swedes anyways? ;o

Posted: 2004/07/13 - 00:44

giz0r, they are bored i guess

Posted: 2004/07/13 - 14:30

I dont get why people think NW CTF is slow and boring. It can be much faster than any iCTF game I ever played, because of the mandatory TL. Sure some games can be slow with mass defending and bratwursting teams, but when the enemy team attacks constantly with 3 or 4 furious attackers (attacks come "each" second because of TL) it's the most hectic mod, maybe except BR.

Posted: 2004/07/17 - 07:54

Most hectic mod? I would say TDM is, since you have to focuse 110% almost all the time. A simple scratch on the nose can make your team loose control and loose the match.

Posted: 2004/07/17 - 16:27

"I blame Instagib" .......lol what a sucky headline.

Without instagib and other mods/mutators UT/UTxxxx would be more or less dead by now.
And after 5 years since the release of UT, and many many releases of other big games/mods (like counterstrike) its still one of the biggest communitys. And thats not because of NW.....
NW is ofc a part of that, as well as instagib (even though instagib is 3-4 times bigger than nw, maybe more).

Its true that Instagib has a shorter/faster learning curve than NW, and obvious most people takes the easiest way to have fun. Look at other games, u have the same thing there aswell.

Ure saying ".. that we have too many gametypes to choose from."
Well, why not extend it to games overall? Do you really believe that without instagib etc we would have such a large community? I dont.
I think Epic is quite happy with all the mods/mutators/add-ons, they will be able to sell more games, so we wont see any changes (like removing of instagib or something...lol).

And in the end, the mods/mutators/add-ons that no ones plays, will be removed, and the ones that people play will stay, just like everything else.
Think its called evolution.

Finally, I dont think u will get more NW players by attacking Instagib and other mods, ure just building higher walls between NW and all the others and actually in the end making it smaller.

"This is ofc my personal opinions and not the opinion/view of [3.5] or this website"


Posted: 2004/07/18 - 12:35

Hrm, I really fail to see how this is a problem. Sure, IG has nothing or little to do with NW TDM. But also NW CTF has almost nothing to do with NW TDM. Maybe we should say ´Kill the CTF-community´. I guess that ain´t gonna happen and I guess IG is here to stay wheter we like it or not.
And maybe it is like some ppl already said, that whitout the IG-players there wouldn´t be so many UT2k4-players left....I don´t know.
The point of this post? Well, if ppl want to play IG, let them! If they want to play CTF, let them!
Do I play IG? No way!! Personally I think it´s really boring, but hey...that´s just my opinion. :)
But I also never really had any problem with ppl playing IG. The biggest problem for me has always been that I sometimes by mistake ´slide´ in on an IG-server when looking for a public FFA-server...and I think I can live with that. :)

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