ESWC 2004 (6-11 July)

Last years Electronic Sports World Cup or as most call it ESWC was one of the most celebrated gaming events ever. With a good organisation, an interesting lineup of games and perhaps the best highest level of competition ever this firsttime event set in Poltiers, France, managed to do become both respected and loved by sponsors, spectators and the most important group of all; the gamers themselves. The Unreal Tournament 2004 tournament in this years ESWC is perhaps the most interesting of them all for a couple of reasons. The first being that this is the first major LAN-tournament so we don’t have any past experience to help us judge the player’s level on performance in these special circumstances. The second reason is the style of the tournament with two groupstages and then just a single elimination bracket with four players. This forces the players to stay focused for a big number of games against the fiercest opponents possible.

We at UnrealNorth are excited about the prospects of this tournament and to help all of you share some of the excitement we are going to cover this event as detailed as possible 24h per day. Interviews, predictions and of course results, you will be able to find it all right here at So just lean back, put your feet up and enjoy the show that is the Electronic Sports World Cup!

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Posted: 2004/07/06 - 00:02

One zulg to own them all!

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 08:32

When it comes to be mentally ready and focused when it really counts, I think zulg is da man :)

GL m8!

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 17:25

Zulg shouldnt have a chance, but he is still fucking mad (like last years ending, who thought zulg would beat fatal1ty?! noone did and he sure can suprise... hope he does great!

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 18:52

they picked the name before the performer. jesus should have got the ticket not zulg...

Posted: 2004/07/06 - 19:29

lauke needs dutch flag in the interview with sakh !


Posted: 2004/07/06 - 23:23

I think there was to litte of nordic players :(

And Jesus or Sakh sjould have played instead of zulg

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 09:46

Dunno about someone else should have had zulgs spot... I zulg is in form he is the best player in sweden, I have no doubt about that, the question is if he is in form or not, if he has practiced enough... If he has, then he should be at ESWC, if not then the spot should have gone to someone else imo...

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 10:43

too late fo should's and shouldn'ts, just cheer for him and hope for the best

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 11:52

Have to give u guys credit for this coverage, ownage guys.. Ur predictions are not that far off either :P

Keep an eye out for schnig in group D tho, this guy is a 20-kplay-pinger, and used to LAN-ping, which is a big advantage.. i'm almost certain that he'll send either lauke or forrest out of the tournament crying - but there is one factor that may speak in favour of both lauke and forrest, and that is LAN-experience, these guys have won big tournaments, and if schnigg gets nervous, anything can happen - schnigg is an aimwhore, and ur shock-aim is way off if ur arms are shaking from nerves.

Having played both lauke and forrest just recently (lost both of course :P) I have a bit of a feeling of their current skill, and IMO there is no doubt that forrest > lauke .. But time will tell - do I have to tell u how ownage these matches will be? looking forward to the demos, thats for sure. Just hope they'll publish them right away, and not wait until the event is over. (nosnos: call zulg and tell him to send u the demos :P)

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 12:58

URL to the officiall ESWC homepage would be nice dudes.

And ffs! I´ve added liquid to clans so plz process it so I can join up! O_o

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 13:03 - although it sucks so hard its useless to make a link to it ^^

And Team Liquid has been added ;)

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 15:54

"Having played both lauke and forrest just recently (lost both of course :P) I have a bit of a feeling of their current skill, and IMO there is no doubt that forrest > lauke .. "

Hehe rmzs ^_^

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 15:56

(4) Broadcasts and demos - Updated often

Updated often my ass! I had to call loco from my job to find out that Lauke won.. :p

When does zulg play his first match?

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 16:06

You could have gone to the "Groups and Results" page for that though ^^

The UT-tourney is having some problems with the comps or something so I think they are postponing matches for tomorrow...

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 16:18

My bad.. :p

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 16:40

forrest got a little nervoues playing on stage n shit.. ;) Lets hope he plays better in his last 2 games

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 17:28

Burnie 2:0 Varagh

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 17:56

th0r lost to spawn2k ? that was a surprise.

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 18:20

Sure was! this means zulg still can go through, he "just" has to beat th0r!

Posted: 2004/07/07 - 18:32

...which i doubt he will manage to do :'((

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